Understanding Dual Core, Quad Core, Hexa Core, Octa Core & Deca Core Processors

You will have been hearing about or seeing dual, quad, hexa, octa and other cores online or on gadgets specifications list. Processors are named according to their numbers of complete independent units known as cores. Dual as you already know means double or two, quad means four so same thing is applicable with processors. Dual core processors are processors made up of two cores. Quad core processors are made up of 4 cores and so on. So once the number of cores is high, the performance and task handling will be more faster.

Let imagine, a work to be carried out by four men of Group A and the same work to be carried out again by 8 men of Group B. This already clearly shows that Group B will finish the work before Group A finish their’s. Same thing is applicable to cores, when you have deca-core processor (10 cores), task handling will be faster than when carried out with hexa core processor (6 cores).

Now, let discuss about all multi-core processors that are currently existing and how they works.

Dual Core Processors

Dual-core Processor simply means Central Processing Units which has two complete execution cores per physical processor. Dual core processors has two processors combined together and their caches and cache controllers onto a single integrated circuit.

Quad Core Processors

Quad-core processor is a chip with four independent units that read and execute information and tasks to be done in the central processing unit (CPU).
Within the chip, each core operates in conjunction with other circuits such as cache, memory management, and input/output (I/O) ports. The individual cores in a quad-core processor can run multiple instructions at the same time, increasing the overall speed for programs compatible with parallel processing.

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Hexa Core Processors

Hexa Core Processor is another multi-core processor that is built with six cores. It can handle tasks faster than the dual core and quad core processors.
Hexa Core processors have been introduced since 2010. It was launched in Intel Core i7 Hexa-Core processor.

Octa Core Processors

The octa core processors are made up of eight (8) independent cores to handle and perform task efficiently. This implies that Octa-core processors can performs double faster than the quad core processor.
You might find out that two sets of quad-core processors are present in a gadget, it is still octa-core as you cannot call it double dual core processor. The cores will split various tasks between them according to their types and works brilliantly.

Deca Core Processors

As dual core processors are made up of 2 cores, quad core with 4 cores, hexa core with 6 cores and octa core processors with 8 cores. Deca-core is also made up of 10 complete independent units to handle and perform task very efficiently than other processors. Having deca core processor along with an efficient processor type would really make Gadgets to perform efficiently and super faster than others.
Deca Core processors is the latest and new processor. We have only heard about few smartphones having the deca-core processors. Most companies are using Dual Core, Quad Core and Hexa Core processors. Am pretty sure more gadgets with deca-core processors will be welcome towards the beginning of next year.

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