The Ultimate Guide to Kids Binoculars

Are you planning to buy a new binocular for your kid? Whether you are buying the first pair of another pair, there are several things that you need to know so that you can get the right sized binocular. For kids to enjoy using a pair of binoculars, you should look for a lightweight model that fits well on their small faces. This guide will help you pick a perfect binocular for your little one who loves adventure.


Before you buy a binocular for your kid, it is crucial to check the magnification. You should look for a binocular with a low magnification so that kids can enjoy using them. Having a binocular with a high magnification is not recommended for kids because they bring about image shakiness especially when there is a small movement. This makes it very hard for kids to get the right focus. The recommended magnification for kids should be 8x and below.


There are high chances that kids will drop their binoculars when using. If you want a model that will last long, look for a binocular that features a durable construction. The rubber coating should be strong enough such that it protects the devices from bumps and scratches. You can also look for a binocular that is waterproof.


Most parents find it hard to get the right sized kids binocular because kids have small eye spacing. The best binocular for kids should provide them with a perfect fit to make them feel comfortable when using. For older kids from the age of 7-16 years, you can buy them some adult-sized binoculars that will fit them if they are serious about outdoor activities.

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Objective lens diameter

Just like other adult binoculars, an objective lens with a larger diameter is great because it provides brighter images. In as much as a binocular with a larger lens makes it easy for kids to view, you should also know that it makes the binocular large and heavy.

Image clarity and brightness

You can look for models with fully multi-coated lenses that provide crystal clear images. They are also great when it comes to light transmission. If your kid is into bird watching, look for a binocular with a non-reflective film on the two sides because they transmit better light with less reflection.

Avoid toy binoculars

Avoid buying toy binoculars. Your kid needs a binocular similar to that of an adult when it comes to performance. Whether they are using it for hunting, studying nature or bird watching, you should buy them a real kid-sized binocular. They deserve to enjoy the great features found in adult binoculars like proper optical alignment, glass lens, magnification and much more. Toy binoculars do not provide these features hence the kid might not enjoy using them.


The price of kids binocular vary based on the brand and the features included.  You can get quality kids binoculars below 100 bucks while other models cost more than that. It also depends on how the kid intends to use the binocular, their age and the amount of money you can afford to acquire kids binocular.

Field of view

A binocular with a wider field of view makes viewing easy for kids. Always compare the field of view of different binoculars and choose the one with a larger field of view. Babygearspro share a details guide.

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Final Words

If you are an outdoor enthusiast and want to share some amazing memories with your kids, get the best binoculars for kids. Kids will enjoy using the binoculars and this makes their adventure complete. If you are thinking of buying kids binocular, the above tips I have covered will help you pick a binocular that is best suited for little observers. Keep them in mind and you can confident of getting top-notch kids binocular.

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