Top 15 Ways To Get More Likes on Instagram Post

On Instagram everyone has a hunger for likes on the post. Either the old user or new user both need massive likes on Instagram posts. In this article we have mentioned best 15 tips those will definitely help you in gaining lots of likes on Instagram post

1. Capture High Resolution Images

Mostly people don’t do it. High resolution images have much power to attract the user and convince the user to like the post. For high quality images you don’t need to buy a DSLR camera for thousands of dollars. Nowadays the smartphone has an amazing camera. You can capture a high quality image with a smartphone with good focus. 


2. Share Post to Other Social Platforms

Instagram allows you to connect other social media platforms like twitter and Facebook to your profile. Once you link the accounts to Instagram you will be able to share the content on Facebook and twitter. This will help you to gain traffic from other social media platforms and you can get lots of likes and followers. You can also share your content to blog.


3. Use Popular Hashtags

If you want traffic from worldwide and instantly then popular hashtags help you a lot. The popular hashtags give the instant boost for a while to your post. In simple words you can say it is the alternative of buying Instagram likes for the post. For extracting popular hashtags you can use different apps and websites for free. 


4. Use Local Hashtags

Use of Local Hashtags in the post helps you gain local or targeted traffic. For example you want traffic from the California USA, then you will research the hashtags popular in California. The hashtags should be related to your brand’s niche. Local hashtags play a very vital role in increasing the traffic, followers and engagement on the post. 


5. Use Geo Tag

As like Local hashtags the geo tags help you in gaining local traffic. The geo tag is mostly used for mentioning the location. For example you have captured the photo in Eiffel Tower, Paris. When you publish the post and mention the location of Eiffel tower Paris, the users are searching for the eiffel tower your post will show in the search results. This is how it works.


6. Start a Like To Enter Giveaway

I don’t think so anybody in the world who doesn’t like free gifts. You can run a campaign of the giveaway. You will run the like to enter giveaway. This is the best and easiest way for getting lots of likes on the post. For this create an eye catchy post and write the caption “Like the post and get a chance to win an amazing prize”


7. Start a Tag to Enter Giveaway

As similar to entering a giveaway, you can run a tag to enter the giveaway. This method will help you in increasing the followers with the likes. You will run a campaign to tag your friend and get an opportunity to win a prize. When someone tags the user, that user will also come to your post and might like your post and follow your account. 


8. Start Partnership with Influencer

Influencers are people who have followers in massive amounts. You can promote your post through influencers. You should find the influencer who is related to your brand’s industry. The influencers followers will reach your product as well as your profile. This is how you can increase the engagement rate as well followers. 


9. Partnership with Brands

Just like partnership with influencers, you can start partnership with brands. The brand should be related to your brand’s niche, but not a competitor. The partnership with the brand will help you to make a number of customers and followers in the market. You can start a giveaway through the brands, this is the best way of increasing engagement on the profile.


10. Promote Your Content

You can run a promotion on Instagram, Instagram provides you a business platform where you can manage your campaigns easily. If you are not comfortable with Instagram promotion you can buy automatic Instagram likes from the other digital marketing agency. It is the best and powerful way for instant likes on post. 


11. Upload the Videos

According to a survey 70% of users on Instagram like to watch the videos, and give the response on the video content. The video is the easiest way to convey the message to the audience. If you are selling products on Instagram then you can make “How to” videos in which you can teach the audience about the products. 


12. Make Boomerang Videos

Boomerang video is a short video clip that plays in a loop of backward and forward. Publishing the boomerang video in the feed can attract more people. The boomerang videos seem funny, that’s why people take interest in it. You should make exciting boomerang videos so users take more interest in it. 


13. Tag Celebrities and Influencers

Find out the celebrities and influencers related to the brand’s niche and tag them in your post. This is like creating a bond of your profile with the influencers profile. The search engine algorithm will show your posts when somebody searches for the influencer or celebrity that you will tag in the post.


14. Comment on Trending Photos

The post became trending on Instagram because of the high engagement rate. If you comment on that trending or popular post you can get the followers. If people watch your comment on that trending post if your comment is attractive and your profile name makes them curious they will definitely open your profile. 


15. Post Consistently 

If you want to maintain your presence on Instagram then you should be regular and consistent. You have to make a schedule and have a collection of posts for a minimum of 1 week, so you can post daily without any interruption. Instagram also appreciates the users who post regularly and consistently. 


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