Top 10 Smartphone Apps for Business people

Our world is getting faster and faster and business people are spending more and more time out of the office. A while ago, this would prevent them from doing their jobs, but this is no longer the case. Today, they have plenty of smartphone apps at their disposal, all of them developed to make their lives easier and to allow them to do their work while on the go. So, which are the best 10 smartphone apps for business people?


If you happen to be in a business where people are everything and where you have thousands of contacts to keep tabs on, then Contactually is an essential app for you. It manages your contacts, logs your calls and makes follow-up so much easier. In addition to this, it will sync with Facebook, Mailchimp, Twitter, Gmail+Outlook or any other piece of software you use to interact with people.


A successful business person is an informed businessperson who is always in touch with the latest happenings from the world of business and finances. An app that will make sure you miss nothing important from your industry or the world of business in general is Feedly. It will help you subscribe to RSS feeds from all of the websites you should follow and it will also allow you to customize the way in which you get the news.

Business Card Reader by Shape

Business cards may seem like an antiquated concept, but they are still very much alive and they are part of every business person’s life. With an app like Business Card Reader, you can now simply scan someone’s business card and the app will automatically add all the information you will ever need to this contact to your phone.

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Tripit is an essential app for every business person who travels a lot. It is like having a travel manager by your side. You simply forward your travel information to it and it helps you organize all your car rentals, reservations, flight confirmations and more. It can also organize your schedule for you and let you share your itinerary with the people who need to know it.


If you work for a larger organization and especially if you are in a managerial position, you will need an app that will allow you to keep tabs on all of the projects you are involved in. Basecamp is such an app, extremely easy to use and intuitive, ensuring that no project or employee slips through the cracks, so to say.


All business people have to deal with expenses that they incur on company time and it can often be a really boring and time-consuming task to keep track of them. Expensify is an app that makes it all much quicker and easier. If you are a manager or a business owner, it is a great tool for ensuring that your employees are not wasting company money.


There are plenty of cloud storage apps out there, but a business person needs to know their data is going to be secure. This is where pCloud comes in, with their client-side encryption which couldn’t be hacked by teams from Berkeley and MIT, just to name a few. Their app is very easy to use, but it is the security that makes it the best cloud storage app for a business person.

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All businesses need accounting and if you wish to stay involved with this aspect of your business too, then FreshBooks is the app to download. Its versatility and ability to sync with other software you have in your business set it apart from the competition. With FreshBooks, you will stay on top of your company’s finances wherever you go and whatever you do.


TheStreet is one of the most popular stock market websites in existence and their app brings all of this information, news, analysis and more to your mobile device. Every business person should know what is happening on the stock market and TheStreet app is there to help. It is as if you were physically at the exchange.


Originally not a business app in any way, Uber has just expanded and they started offering business users the chance to hire their services for their employees. With Uber for Business, you will be getting the best transport around the world, easily tracked and billed. Thousands of businesses are already using this service and they are all swearing by it.

It all comes down to having a smartphone full of apps that make your life easier, cheaper and more productive. Be sure to choose smartly.

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