Tips for Switching to an Ergonomic Mouse

If you are a guy whose job is mainly concerned with using a computer all day and we all know that using a computer without a mouse is impossible unless it has a touchscreen.

The mainstream mouse that everyone uses isn’t designed for long periods of work and there might come a time that you might feel some sort of discomfort using it and specific muscles of your hand might even get injured.

And if you are nodding your head while reading this then you probably need an ergonomic mouse. If you haven’t heard about an ergonomic mouse then let me tell you that, it is a mouse specifically designed to decrease the discomfort and reduce the strain on your hand muscles which you experience using a conventional mouse.

Tips for Switching to an Ergonomic Mouse:

Though an ergonomic mouse is a little different than the conventional mouse and many might even think that it is impossible to use, the reason we have written this article which will guide you and provide you with tips for switching to an ergonomic mouse.

Decide which Style You Want:

Compared to the conventional mice, there are several different ergonomic mouse designs that you can choose from. Each one is designed for a specific reason, with main reason to reduce the stress on the muscles. The different choices include trackpads, vertical mice, contoured design etc. Each one maximizes the comfort and helps prevents the stress on the muscles.

Ergonomic Positioning Guidelines: 

Many people think that after getting an ergonomic mouse they won’t need to follow the ergonomic positioning guidelines, which isn’t true.

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An ergonomic mouse does reduce the stress on the muscles and provides comfort compared to a traditional mouse but in order to take the maximum benefit, we suggest you follow these ergonomic positioning guidelines.

  • Your mouse and keyboard should be at same level.
  • The height of the desk where the keyboard and mouse lies should be equivalent to that of elbow height.
  • The elbows should lay comfortably at their respective sides without any stress on the joints.

Choose the Design that matches your need:

Choosing the right design is essential as it will best match your needs and will fit perfectly into your hands. Though the right mouse might differ from person to person and that depends upon the type of work, work duration, work habits etc. A few tipis that will help you decide which mouse to choose.

  • Try choosing a mouse that your entire hand rests upon it in a way that you feel relaxed.
  • Buy a mouse that minimizes the force, you use to move the mouse and the grip is easy.
  • If you have a big hands try finding a mouse that fits in your hand, there are several sizes to choose from.
  • Try to buy a mouse that promotes arm movement rather than wrist movement, for many people wrist get injured fast due to excessive use of a mouse.
  • Avoid buying a flat mouse, it causes the forearm to twist which might cause minor injuries.

Types of Ergonomic Mice:

There are several types of ergonomic mice, each is made for a specific purpose.


Also, known as “central pointing devices”, the roller mouse consist of a ball over which you just have to move your hand in order to move the cursor. It minimizes the repetitive movements of the hand, plus you don’t need to grip it hence any wrist problems.

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Vertical mouse is the best in the business of ergonomic mouse. They are best known for injury prevention due to their unique design and set of features. It puts your hand in a neutral position where it doesn’t experience any stress on your hand, elbow or shoulder.


It has a set of great features which includes wrist supports, glass touchpad, and great grip. Also, it is made using light materials which makes the mouse light. Also, it is friction free which makes it easy to use. It is the best choice for people who have pain in parts of their arm and shoulder.

It takes time to adapt to a new device and at first, it might seem impossible to get used to a device of such strange shape. But believe me, within the first 2-3hours of use, you will get the hang of it.

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