The New iPad Pro, Macbook Air and Mac Mini are here

Apple just unveiled some new devices – an 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro, A New MacBook Air and a Mac Mini. As expected, the new devices come with some new features and improvements over their predecessors.

For a start, the new iPads have gotten thinner, 15% thinner than it’s predecessor to be exact. Still, on the Body, the 3.5mm jack, as well as the home button that doubled as a fingerprint sensor, has also been removed. The new iPad now has a bigger display without actually being big, thanks to the bezels that have been trimmed down. The new iPad also has liquid retina display with rounded corners to get a more modern look.

New iPad Pro

The Pencil has also seen some improvements as it now magnetically connects to the iPad and instantly start charging wirelessly when it does. Another new accessory for the iPad Pro is the folio keyboard which users of the device can use to improve productivity. The keyboard stand has two setup mode – one for your lap which keeps the device slightly tilted up and another for your desk that stands the device upright.

New iPad Pro with keyboard

The new USB Type-C on the new iPad also makes it possible to make use of it as you would a MacBook by maybe hooking it up to a hard drive or using it as a power source to charge another device. Inside the two new iPads are the Apple A12X bionic Chipset which is capable of handling desktop task easily. According to Apple, the new iPad Pro is able to run the full version of Adobe Photoshop and able to deliver X-box level graphics. The device comes in two sizes of 11-inch and 12.9-inch and costs €799 and $999 respectively.

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The MacBook Air, on the other hand, cost $1199 and the first thing that caught our attention about this 13.3inch beauty is very lightweight. According to Apple, the new MacBook Air is 25% lighter when compared its previous versions. The device weighs just 2.75 pounds and sports a recycled aluminium body which is meant to reduce the carbon footprint of the computer.

Mac Mini also got an upgrade after 4 years with a quad-core Intel processor onboard, four USB Type-C thunderbolt 3 ports and an HDMI port. The device comes in colour grey with an option to get a six-core version and cost $799. Pre-orders for the new Apple devices have started already and will hit various stores in the coming week.

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