Moneygram Tracking – How to Track Transfer transactions online Easily


Moneygram tracking, learn how to track transactions easily online. If you don’t already know, MoneyGram is a money transfer company based in the US and similar to Western Union. With MoneyGram, you can send and receive funds across 200 countries in which they are operational I with over 340,000 agent offices in those countries.

Moneygram tracking: All That You Need to Know

Asides from having agent offices, They also partner with financial institutions to make and sending and receiving money a whole lot easier. Now, when you send money through MoneyGram or you are looking to receive money through the platform, you have the option to track the funds and stay appraised of the situation to know when it finally reaches the receiver’s Location so as he/she can pick up the funds.

This can be done via the MoneyGram Tracking portal on their website which shows you details about the funds being transferred as long as you have the required information needed to display such details to you. The required information includes the 8-digit reference number which is given to the sender immediately he sends the funds along with his/her last name.

Upon providing this information, the details of the funds’ transfer will be displayed which will let you know if the funds are ready for pickup. Let’s go ahead and show you how you can do this right now.

Moneygram Tracking: How To Track MoneyGram Money Transfer

As I said, you’ll need to get the required information before we begin. If you’re the sender then you most definitely have the 8-digit reference number given to you when you sent the money. If you’re the receiver then you’ll need to contact the sender so he/she can send you the reference number along with his/her last name. Once you have this, then we can begin.

  1.  First things First, Visit the MoneyGram Tracking Portal.
  2. Once you get to the page, Enter the reference number (sometimes referred to as authorisation number) in the space provided and then enter your last name.
  3. Now, Tap on Track and wait for it to load the details of that reference number.
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You should be able to see the details of the transfer on the next screen which will show you whether the funds are ready for pick or not. If it doesn’t bring up anything then you I’ll advise you try again once more, this time check the reference number if it’s correct and also the last name. If it still doesn’t bring up anything then there is probably no transfer linked to that reference number you just provided.

Each successful transfer generates a reference number which is given to the sender so if you’ve tried the reference number a couple of time with no luck then you might want to tell the sender to resend the reference number or if you’re the sender, then recheck the reference number given to you to make sure you’re providing the correct one.

MoneyGram also advised that you should only send money to people you know as both people with the reference number can track the transfer and once money is sent, it can not be refunded.

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