How To Make Money as A Fresh Graduate or Student (2018)

There are hundreds of ways to make money, especially in college. What limits people from doing it is all internal – not external. They make excuses for themselves: I don’t have enough time or I don’t know where to start. Have you been thinking of how to make money as a fresh university graduate ot a student  in any Nigerian university and other higher institutions? Always wanted to make a passive income as a student on campus without affecting your studies?

Making extra money in addition to what was given to them by parents/sponsors will help lessen the burden on their sponsors, and most importantly help the students keep savings.  Don’t fail to bookmark this site and always visit for interesting articles.

1. Become a tutor.

Are you very good at a particular course or subject? Consider tutoring a younger student especially first-year students in your department/faculty or even one of your peers. Check with the employment office or a department head at your university, or even other local schools, for opportunities. You may also decide to signup to some tutoring websites that pay, which often let you choose your own tutoring rate and terms.

You may also sell some solved past questions to students who are willing to buy good material that will help them to pass their exams.

You should ask the happy customers to refer you to their friends so you can have loads of customers lined up for your service.

2. Laundry Service.

This is a very reliable way to make money. Most students don’t’ like or have time to do their own laundries so they’d rather hire someone else to do it for them. If you are diligent and hardworking, you can make good money from this. It just takes doing the laundry for few of your friends and they will keep bringing others to you. You can hire someone to assist you if the work becomes too exhausting.

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3. House Cleaning and Painting.

Students love to make their apartment look good, so students moving into new apartments sometimes require help with cleaning and painting of the new place. You can offer these services and they will be willing to pay a high price for it. If you are also good with special wall pattern designs using paints.

4. Selling of Wears.

Students on campus love to look trendy and therefore buy clothes, footwear, handbags, jewelry and other body accessories quite often.

If you could get these wears in bulk at a reduced price from big suppliers, you will surely make much money from the trade.

5. Selling Used Products.

Students love to sell things when they need quick cash, they also love to buy cheap things. You can sell your fairly used and no-longer-needed properties and make money from it. You can also help people sell their stuff and make money from commission. If you are the type that keeps a lot of friends, you can make money by finding out what they are willing to buy and what they are willing to sell at any time. Make yourself their go-to-guy for any merchandise, and you will have a constant cash flow.

You can also do the buying and sell online via classified sites like Olx, Jiji etc.

6. Blogging.

 You can make money by creating a blogging website and writing blogs. You can then sell ads space for the money. This can be very lucrative. But it requires a little to lots of guidance.

7. Real Estate/House Agent.

If you are very conversant with your locality, you can use your spare time to search for accommodation for fellow students, especially freshers in the school environment. You can make money here via commissions/agent fees.

8. Music DJ service or MC/ Comedian.

If you can make people laugh and can also speak eloquently or have a passion for music, just learn the rudiments of being a Master of Ceremony via the internet and you are good to go. Just like DJs, MCs are always requested for in events. Your first successful hosting of an event may be at a friend’s birthday party, is enough to get you referrals. If you have the passion for music, you can download any music DJ application on your laptop, learn how to use it and you are in business. There is always demand for DJs for the almost regular parties and events in school.

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If you know your onions about event planning, you can also make cool money from this as you will always be called upon by departments and organizations looking to organize memorable events.

9. Get a driving job.

If you have a good and reliable car, it will be an easy source of money to take that advantage and tap into driving jobs for quick cash through sites like Taxify. This is great because you’ll have the freedom to work at your own convenient time. You can also teach people how to drive with it and make cool cash from that.

10. Become a brand ambassador or Model.

Lots of major companies need student customers so they hire some students to promote their brand on the campus.  It’s a fun way for outgoing students to earn extra money in college—and if you’re passionate about that particular brand, that’s a great plus too! However, this is an industry that has been so bastardized lately. Many people have been exploited and taken advantage of in the process of trying to be a model. We advise you “shine your eyes” or find something else.

Tip: Being a brand ambassador is an easy way to get experience with big name brands, which also looks great on your resume!

11. Become a freelancer.

A freelance is a great tool to enhance your skills as well as earn money by selling them.

Log on to freelancer site, bid on the projects, work on them and earn money. This will also help you a lot when you pass out from college as you have a proof that you have some experience and have professionally work in your field.

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12. Catering Services & Baking/Pastries Making.

If you know how to make tasty food, you can offer catering services to event organizers in your area. With the frequent events/celebrations on campuses, there is surely a market for you.They can also make Yoghurt/Ice cream, Juice drinks, Zobo, Soya Milk, Custard powders etc. and sell to fellow students in the hostels from their room or supply to canteens and stores in their vicinity. The products can also be sold at event venues especially on Saturdays and even within Church premises on Sundays.

13. Poultry Business.

Especially for Agric students, with the so much time you spend on practicals in the school farm and elsewhere, you could set up a small poultry farm or any other Agricultural business nearby and attend to it while you attend to your academic work. If you can manage your time well, this could be a gold mine for you.

14. Phone/Computer Repairs/maintenance.

Though complete/full-time repairs could take your time, simple software maintenance/upgrades and application installs could fetch you quick money. You don’t even need to own an office or a shop.

15. Football Viewing Centre.

Guys freaking love football. I am sure you can imagine how profitable a football viewing center business can be. It also doesn’t take up too much of your time because it’s not every day that they play important matches. However, this kind of business is better done by students who are natives or long-time residents in the particular area for obvious reasons.

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