Learning Skills – 9 Ways to Succeed in your Studies

The upgraded technology has become a boon for students in keeping up with their studies. We have advanced so much in science and technology that for every problem of ours the internet has the solution. There is no defined mantra to become a successful student but one can always excel in studies if consistent and sincere.

We as students undergo so much of stress to score well, get top ranks, and be in the good books of our teachers. The ultimate peer pressure and the expectations hanging around at times disturb us. Instead of the get going attitude we miserably fail in our attempts to succeed.

What to do? How to be a go-getter? How to succeed in our studies? No student is born dull, and we all have our plus points, what is required is a positive guidance and some use of technology. Every day, new applications (apps) come up that can be easily downloaded from the internet providing us with the suitable and required help

Here we are listing for you some very common yet important ways to succeed in your studies along with a technical dose.

1. Select a subject of your choice

This is the biggest mistake students do today. Under parental pressure or say peer pressure they choose subjects which aren’t of their interest

The difficulty arises when you fail to understand the basic concepts only because the subject disinterests you. Remember, the subject you chose will decide your future, it will get you a job, and make you an individual. Never go for a major in the subject you don’t like.

Choose wisely and study what you love studying. A wrong choice can be harmful in the long run. Study a subject that can keep you engaged and refines the creativity within you. Be excited about what you are studying.

There are several career counselling websites guiding the students to take up the right subject. Go to Therapy 121, mindler.com etc. for a quick help.

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2. Be Regular in Class

Alright! So many of us think attending lectures might be boring or seem to be a waste of time but it’s actually helpful. A regular student stays more focused and active in their studies.

They are updated with every single information regarding the class, be it the project work, the homework, the important examination questions or a school outing. Students who attend regular classes are also known to the teachers, and thus, they get the benefit of this sincerity.

The teachers even pay special attention to such students and guide them properly. Yes, attending classes is going to be a win-win situation for you in every aspect. In a world of technology recorded lectures are also available. You may also search for keywords on various websites and get the notes online from these popular e-learning sources such as transtutors.com.

We need guidance to excel in studies. There are times when we are stuck with a problem or a question seems too tricky to solve. In such situations, a good teacher will help you in clearing your basics and making you understand the concept. For example, business students can get marketing assignment help from distinguished marketing experts to help them understand concepts they could not pick up in class. An experienced teacher will not only answer your queries but will also prepare you for your further studies. This makes work easy and you always have a go-to person for your studies.

The internet is the answer for every query today, go to Google and you’ll find suitable teachers and many recorded lectures online.

3. Set a Goal

An aim defined is a target achieved. Always set your priorities and stick to it. If you know your goal, reaching it becomes easy. For example, if you have to study for your university examinations, make the schedule accordingly.

Promise a certain percentage with yourself that you need to score and work in the direction of attaining that percentage. We say, “Aim for the moon, if you fail you still land among the stars.” So, set your goal in advance and study accordingly. Don’t compare yourself to anyone and focus on your objective.

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4. Study in a Group

“United we stand, divided we fall.” An old but true saying. Group studies have always been a common methodology to study provided it is done in the right way. Select a responsible set of friends you want to study with, those who are willing to study and not waste their time. Studying in a group makes you more open to competitions and questions. It builds your confidence and expands your knowledge level.

People in the Office
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The only condition being, you join a study group where members are inclined to studies and don’t gossip or pass time together. Try these cool apps like GoConqrto connect with like-minded learners all over the world.

5. Self-control and self-discipline

This is very important. A student must be self-disciplined and have control over his desires. If you have decided to wake up at 5 a.m. in the morning, make sure you never sleep till late. If a friend rides a sports bike, you shouldn’t be demanding the same from your parents.

The social media should not be a constant distraction to you, and you shouldn’t fall prey to the negatives of peer pressure. Be able to decide for yourself and be capable of respecting your decisions.

Success comes to those who are disciplined and controlled in life. Listen to some motivational speech and quotes on apps like Wonderful DayBattleStepsThinkUp etc.

6. Set a time-table

We often shuffle between so many subjects and chapters to study. Setting up a timetable will help in planning your studies better. This would avoid the last minute confusion and you’ll get enough time for revision.

Divide your time accordingly and give more time to subjects you are weak at. Take small breaks in between studies to be refreshed. Don’t multitask and get more confused. Sleep, eat, play, and study. Be a good organizer and always follow your timetable.

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Download the Timetable app on Google Play to manage time effectively.

7. Study more Hours

Increase your study duration gradually. If on Monday you have spent 2 hours practicing mathematics, give 3 hours on Wednesday to the same subject. This way you’ll increase your studying habit and be more patient while studying. If you keep increasing your study hours day by day eventually, you’ll enjoy studying too.

8. Take up some Extra-Curricular Activity

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Pick up some leisurely activity to stay active and refreshed. If you like playing football, go to the fields in the evening and kick some goals. If you are a music lover, learn to play some beautiful nodes on a guitar.

Read your favourite novelist while strolling in the woods. Treat your family with the yummiest dishes if you like to cook. In short, get involved in some extra activity to have a stable mind and a happy heart. Plug in your earphones and discover iTunes to enter the endless world of music for some entertainment.

9. Early to bed and Early to rise

Develop this very habit of sleeping early and waking up early. This is a proven magic to remain healthy, wealthy, and wise. Don’t get lost in your mobile phones or the television late night. Practice some meditation early in the morning and keep your mind in control.

Here’s a list of a few best meditation apps you can download:

  • Mindfulness App
  • Headspace
  • Calm
  • Buddhify


At last be honest to yourself and your deeds because none but only you can judge yourself the best. Be punctual, be alert, and listen to elderly advice. Follow these guidelines and pass with flying colours.

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