Kia Motors Unveil Next Generation Brand Concept ‘KiaNiro EV’

KiaNiro EV Concept shows the way to the next generation

Kia’s design studio released the Niro EV Concept. The car has a next-generation power train that provides electric energy via a high-capacity 64-kWh lithium-polymer battery pack, paired with a 150-kW electric motor.

KiaNiro EV concept combines the Niro’s hybrid version with a highly efficient battery-electric powertrain. The crossover features a human-machine interface for the car’s display.

In addition, the front grill is replaced with an interactive display panel that leverages an ultra-slim lamp technology.
The Consumer Electronic Show not only introduces the world to several new electronic gadgets and computer technology marvels, it also hosts some of the most impressive forward-thinking vehicles today. The automotive car market is looking toward electric vehicles and how these designs will shape the tomorrow’s dream cars.

Here comes Hyundai CES with similar electronic features

Hyundai Fuel Cell SUV Concept

Hyundai Fuel Cell SUV Concept

Hyundai’s claim to fame is that it is one of three car manufacturers selling fuel-cell vehicles in the U.S. At CES, the company introduced its new Tuscon SUV concept, which has a 500-mile-range fuel cell. Cost is projected to start under $50,000, and among the advanced features is an artificial-intelligence cabin with voice recognition. Furthermore, the driver seat’s “constant monitoring” provides maximum driver comfort. The car will have 161 horsepower and is expected to hit the market by 2020.

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