How To Install A WordPress Plugin Easily

Plugins are tools to extend the functionality of WordPress. These plugins are available from several sources but mostly from theOfficial WordPress Plugins Repository, not all plugins are available there because individual can also create a plugin.
There are many plugins with different functions we have some for social sharing, for seo, for gravatar and lots more. These so calledpluginscan be installed using two methods which are through:
i. WordPress Dashboard
ii. Online FTP Sites
1. Login to WordPress Dashboard, usuallywww.yoursite.ext/wp-adminby default. The dasboard would show as below.

2. Look at the left side Menu and simply place your mouse on Plugins and you see a slide out menu. From the menu click on tAdd New.
3. Another page shows as below, here you can search for a plugin with its original name or using its function. e.g. if i want to search for facebook i can also search for social networks which facebook would also be part of the search results.
4. Search and in search result you would see Install Now very close to the Plugin name. Just click on Install Now. If you have the plugin in your phone or PC as zip file then you can install the plugin by clicking on upload next to search by the top left as shown in the image above.

5. A page comesup with an uploader as above, just click on browse to choose your zip plugin file and click on Install Now.
Wait till everything is done and your would be provide with a page telling you about successful uploading of the plugins.
For the plugin to start working visit the plugin page in the dashboard and activate it.

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1. Login to an ftp site
2. Enter your host details and login, move down to the directory:../root/wp-content/plugins3. Upload your zip plugin file into the directory:../root/wp-content/plugins. 4. Unzip the zip file into the same directory:../root/wp-content/plugins. 5. Finally visit the WordPress Dashbaord Plugiins Page to Activate the plugin Unzipped.

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