Information Technology And Computers

Computers have become indispensable in our everyday life. Information and communication Technology And Computers, that have redefined and reshape the globe, essentially make use of computers. Today, computers are not only being used for scientific and calculative tasks but also as a text editor, communication system, business work, interactive databases. Everyone wants to keep oneself updated with the development in the field of computer science and information technology. Universities and colleges are designing course to teach computer/I.T. concepts of the student.

The most powerful and exciting invention that man had made is the computer. In the past three decades, the computer has reshaped over lives at home. Workplace, public services, educational institutes, stores like Urban Ladder, virtually everywhere. Information Technology And Computers and computers are influencing every field. Nowadays its affordable by individuals.

What are a Technology And Computers?

Technology And Computer

The word Computer is derived from the term “COMPUTE”, which means to calculate, but today’s computers are not just calculating devices as these are performing varies types of job and also can handle multiple application and tasks at one time. The acronym for the computer is –“Common Oriented Machine Particularly used for Trade, Education, and Research.”

Merits and Demerits

Information Technology And Computers have both merits and demerits as it has a major impact on every single field such as education, health, entertainment, communication.

Merits –

  • At home:  These days computers are indispensable for a family. They are used for entertainment, watching movies, listening songs, internet banking, storing data and much more.
  • In Education: Computer-based training and material are available to study subjects like science, physics, chemistry, math, languages etc. moreover computers can be used to educate adults and spread literacyTechnology
  • Entertainment and recreation: film industry uses computers for special effects, kids use computers for games and listening songs etc.
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No Intelligence: The computers are not intelligent, they are to be given instructions about each and every step like what to be done at this step.

    1. No feeling:  A computer does not have any feeling or emotions. It cannot distinguish between different users, joy, sorrow.
  1. Lesser jobs: The companies are now generally using automated machines controlled by computers, so lesser number of people are employed to work these machines.
  2. Risk related health: Working on a computer for a long time in improper posture can lead to health disorder like eyes strain, back pain headache and related problems.

Future of computers and I.T.

Computers are heading in a very interesting direction that nobody is able to predict. According to an estimate the processing speed of a computer gets doubled after say every 18- 20 months. The wonderful machines have become more efficient and faster with decreased price .every manual job is now getting computerized.


A very important area towards area toward future trends is Artificial Intelligence, some aspects it ‘speech recognition’ and ‘ face recognition’ is already in use. It is frequently used in call centers and other places.

Nano Information Technology Computers is another area what the future holds, nanotechnology is expected to have a profound impact on the people around the globe.

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