How to Unlock Android Device for Free

Nowadays, we often see that the latest Android devices from Samsung Galaxy, Huawei and others come with a specified mobile network. It suggests that you can only use your mobile for that certain carrier only.

Thus, in other words, your mobile phone is locked to only one cellular network and it is impossible to use it for any other service without unlocking it first.

So, how will you understand if your phone is locked for one mobile network? If your mobile phone comes with any carrier network’s SIM card, then it is most probably locked unless mentioned otherwise. Now, the question that comes to your mind is how to unlock the android device? Well, the best way to do that is to ask your network provider directly to unlock the smartphone or tablet. If there is not any clause that abides you to use the certain network then the network provider can easily unlock android smartphone on-site or over the phone.

But what happens if the network provider refuses to unlock your phone? Is there nothing you can do? Of course, there is! There are several ways you can apply to unlock android device and phones that you can use for free. So, let us explore those methods without much ado.

Software and online applications to unlock a Samsung Smartphone for free:

Like we said, there are several free ways to unlock your Samsung smartphone and you will find the most efficient ones in the list. Though the list is specifically for the Samsung Galaxy mobiles, some of the methods also work perfectly for other smartphones.

To use these methods, you need to know the model number of your device which you will find once you remove the battery. All you need is to have a stable internet connection to use these methods.

  • Unlock-Samsung-Online:
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The site recommends SRS, a special program to unlock the mobile phone with a complete set of instructions. Just follow the instructions and you will be able to unlock your device in almost no time.

  • com: is a highly efficient online unlock application that you can use to unlock your Samsung smartphone. To avail the service, you can pay a small amount from the website directly or you can use the TrialPay app to get the service for free.

  • WorldUnlock Codes Calculator:

The WorldUnlock Codes Calculator is one of the best Windows software available on the internet that allows you to unlock your smartphone easily. With this software, you can unlock a large variety of Android smartphones including Samsung Galaxy.

The unlock app generates codes to unlock your device using your phone’s details like model number, IMEI number, location and others. Once the software generates the code, remove the SIM card from your mobile and enter it to unlock your device instantly. But remember to remove your SIM card before entering the code otherwise it will not work.

  • Universal Simlock Remover:

It is another unlock application that you can download directly from the internet to unlock your device. You can just search for the software on Google to find the download link.

The best thing about this unlocks app is that it is very easy to use. All you need to do is to follow the instruction that the app offers to unlock your smartphone without any hassle.

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Most importantly, you can use this application to unlock android phones from other major manufacturers also.

Few things you need to remember while unlocking:

While unlocking your smartphone on your own is completely legal in most of the countries, there are few things that you need to remember while attempting the process. Caution is absolutely necessary for unlocking your phone otherwise it can prove to be troublesome.

Firstly, you need to remember that unlocking your phone comes with several risks. It may terminate the warranty you have or it may cause any harm to your mobile phone. Secondly, there is a compatibility issue that you must consider.

Of course, when you unlock your mobile or tablet, it gives you with complete freedom to use any network service and enjoy cheaper rates. But you need to remember that different network providers use different technologies. So, the technology that your phone uses may not be compatible with that of some network providers.

Lastly, you must understand one thing clearly. Even if your phone becomes compatible with other networks, few features may not work well like before. Thus, we recommend you to be very cautious about unlocking your device.

Compatibility with the Carrier:

You may already know that there are two network standards in the US as well as in most countries across the globe. These standards are namely GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) and CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access). The GSM phones are most popular among the users since they come with slots for SIM cards.

Moreover, GSM uses the Long Term Evolution or LTE technology to provide better connectivity. In other words, if your Samsung mobile supports LTE connection, then it must have a SIM card slot. If that is not the case and your phone uses a CDMA connection, then it may not work even after unlocking.

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So, it is better to check for the compatibility with the network provider of your choice before attempting the unlocking process.

Alternative Methods to unlock your Samsung Smartphone:

The previous list contains free methods to unlock an android smartphone. If those methods do not work, then you can use these paid methods to unlock your device.

  • net:

The website offers you with codes for unlocking a plethora of Samsung smartphones for a certain price. Though their services are not free, you can rely on the services they offer completely.

  • UnlockBase: is very popular for the services they offer. The website claims to have codes to unlock over 3000 different Samsung models. You can easily avail their services online by paying a certain amount and unlock your mobile safely.

  • Fone Toolkit:

It is also a paid app that provides you with codes to unlock your Samsung mobile. But the interesting thing about this application is that it offers a free trial service which can help you a lot.

  • FastGSM: promises to unlock your Samsung mobile safely if you pay the amount it charges.

  • Com:

It is a very efficient online tool for unlocking your device. It is true that the service of this tool is not free but the quality and success rate of its service is extraordinary.

Well, that’s all you need to know about unlocking your Samsung smartphone. Go through the article once again and follow the processes carefully to unlock your android device.

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