How to Take Screenshots on New iPad Pro

Did you just buy the recently launched Apple iPad Pro and are looking for a way to take a screenshot on the device? Owing to the fact that these latest iPad Pro models don’t come with a Home button any longer, the old technique that involves taking screenshots for iPad does not work anymore because there‘s simply no Home button that you can press to snap the screenshot on the iPad Pro.

Therefore, you will need to learn the new method for taking a screenshot on iPad Pro without using a Home button. Luckily for you, the process we will be describing in this guide is quite straightforward and will only require a minor adjustment to the workflow of your device and your screenshot-taking habits.

Taking Screenshots on Apple iPad Pro without Home Button

Snapping a screenshot on your new iPad Pro model without the use of the Home button is not difficult all.

Start by simultaneously pressing the Volume Up button & Power/Lock button: Press the Volume Up button & Power button at the same time to take the screenshot. You will know it is effective as signified by the ensuing camera shutter sound, an instant flash of your iPad screen, followed by a screenshot preview, which will be displayed in the corner of the screen. In this corner, you can instantly share, save, or even mark-up the iPad Pro screenshot as necessary. If you did not notice any of those signs, you may not have pressed the buttons in a concurrent manner, so you can try to take the screenshot again.

If you are finding it difficult to take screenshots on iPad Pro without using front buttons, you should first briefly hold the Volume Up button and then tap the Power or Lock button to capture the screenshot on iPad Pro 2018 3rd gen. and later models. All screenshots taken on an iPad Pro are saved in the Photos app, which you will find in Camera Roll; and they are also placed, automatically, into their own unique Screenshots album in the Photos app.

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This method is applicable to every new iPad Pro model that does not feature the Home button, which is the generation that was released late 2018 and newer ones, including the 11-inch screen iPad Pro or the larger 12.9-inch variant. Earlier models of iPad Pro — and other variants — retain the old method that involves pressing the Home and Power buttons at once to take a screenshot.

The method described herein for capturing screenshots only applies to screenshots, which are captured images of the screen itself and other things on your iOS display. Furthermore, to make a video of your screen activity, trying recording the screen of an iPad (or that of an iPhone) since the process varies from one device to another and depends solely on virtualized buttons, as well as options, to toggle screen recordings. If you would like to have a completely virtual experience for screenshots also, it is achievable through Assistive Touch, which you can find in the Accessibility settings in your iOS device.

Please, bear in mind that this is only applicable to the iPad Pro models that do not feature a Home button. All earlier models of iPad Pro, which have a Home button (including other iPad or iPad mini models with the Home button) keep using a combination of the Power and Home buttons for capturing screenshot for those models of Apple iPad, and the process is also the same for older iPhone models as well, with the 2018 standard iPad and earlier models also inclusive.

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