How to Solve iPhone XS and XS Max Battery won’t Charge Issues

Check how to fix iPhone Xs battery won’t charge problem. If you have just bought an iPhone XS or XS Max and you are facing battery won’t charge issue, you might need to follow these steps to fix your iPhone XS or XS Max battery won’t charge saga.

There have been reports online that some units of iPhone XS and XS Max do not start charging when a Lightning cable is plugged in when the screen is off. This means the affected iPhone XS and XS Max owners will have to ensure their phone screen is turned on before plugging in the lightning cable to charge.

This is quite odd for a phone that costs over $1000. According to a video by Unbox Therapy most of the affected devices are from iPhone XS Max, some do not even charge after waking the screen up.

Fix iPhone Xs Battery Won’t Charge issue

Normally, a phone should start to charge immediately you plug in a charging cable. The screen will light up giving you the assurance that the phone has started charging and you will also see the battery indicator on the lock screen.

In case you are faced with the iPhone XS and XS Chargegate, there are some recommended steps you can take to get out of this the mess. However, if you have tried the suggested tips and the problem still persists, it could mean that the problem is a hardware or software problem that will require an update from Apple to fix.

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Fix iPhone Xs Battery Won't Charge

How to Fix iPhone Xs Battery Won’t Charge problem

If your iPhone XS or XS Max battery won’t charge, follow the steps below to get it fixed

  1. Firstly check if there are dirts blocking the Lightning cable and make sure you get rid of them
  2. Check your charging cable and USB adapter for signs of damage, like breakage as well
  3. Then before you connect the lightning cable into your iPhone XS move it to a cooler place
  4. Connect your device to the USB cable that comes with it and Plug into a power source.
  5. Then, go to setting on your iPhone XS, locate Face ID>passcode and scroll down to where you see ‘Allow access when locked’
  6. Finally, if USB accessories is disabled by default, toggle it on. This problem is more peculiar to iPhone running iOS 12.
  7. Now check if your iPhone XS will charge when the screen is off.
  8. If the problem persists, you might have to charge your device wirelessly or wait for Apple to send an update to fix the issue.

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