How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone Xs and XS Max

Get to know how to show battery Percentage on iPhone XS and XS Max. The new iPhone Xs and Xs Max Smartphones from Apple were recently announced on September 12, 2018, exciting features. But one thing Apple failed to let us know before the launch was that iPhone XS doesn’t display battery percentage in the battery status bar. In other words, the iPhone XS and XS Max don’t have a battery percentage indicator.

This is not an indication that the phone is bad, it just because of the Notch getting in the way of where the battery percentage should be. The good news is, you can find a way around it to show Battery Percentage on iPhone XS and XS Max. You might need to install an iPhone XS swipe gestures to see it though.

As aforementioned, the iPhone XS comes in an entirely new concept; it still presents a ‘notch’ that bisects the top edge of its screen. This notch isn’t there for fancy but for a good number of reasons as it contains sensors and can be used as a cameras Face ID and taking selfies) but it removes much of the space previously taken up by the status bar.

show Battery Percentage on iPhone XS

How then do we Show Battery Percentage on iPhone Xs? In this article, we explain how to find the battery percentage on the iPhone Xs (and on other models of iPhone, as the case may be). If you are oblivious of the usefulness, what you will be having now is the digital clock appearing in the left-hand slot, and the cellular and Wi-Fi signal strengths and the battery remaining, all crammed together into the right-hand slot.

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With this in view, we can see that there isn’t even room for the battery to be displayed as a percentage, only as a graphical icon – which tells you roughly how much power you’ve got, but not exactly. Noticeably, the phones cellular provider is lost and while the location services icon appears on the left where applicable, and the charging icon now sits on top of the battery graphic, many of the other status icons that used to come and go depending on conditions don’t make the cut either.

Steps on how to show Battery Percentage on iPhone XS

So how do we access this then? The Control centre of the iPhone provides the answers to this. Above the various controls and toggles on the screen, the status bar is pulled down from the top and now has enough space to expand the battery status into a graphic and a percentage figure. (Note that this is different to the way the Control Centre displays on other iPhones, which blur out the top status bar.) In fact, there are other methods you can use to achieve the same thing. Any time you plug the iPhone XS into a charging source, a graphic will pop up showing the current battery percentage.

On the new iPhone XS, however, that option no longer exists since there’s not enough room up there to show the percentage indicator because of the notch for the True Depth camera system. But that doesn’t mean it’s gone entirely. There is no setting to enable to view the battery percentage indicator on your iPhone XS because it’s already activated, hiding in the Control Center panel. So while you will never be able to just glance at your iPhone again to see exactly how much battery power is left until it automatically shuts down, you can still perform a simple swipe gesture to see it no matter what screen you’re on. But invariably, how can the iPhone user conversely view actual

  • Click the top right horn from the battery icon.
  • Swipe down to access Control Center. You should see the battery percentage at the top right in the Control Center.
  • Having confirmed the amount of battery, gently swipe up to dismiss Control Center.
  • Thus, you have successfully confirmed the battery status of your iPhone XS.
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If you don’t already know how to access the Control Center panel, you just swipe down with one finger from the top-right corner of the display where the battery icon and signal strength indicators are. If you don’t want to actually use the Control Center, you could just swipe down to see the percentage left, then back up real quick, making the whole process not quite straight but easy. Hope after this tutorial, you were able to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone Xs

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