How to set up a new Android Phone for the first time.

Here you will learn how to set up a new Android Phone for the first time. The excitement of owning a new Android device could be both interesting and stressful. It could be especially stressful for those who are for the first time using an Android SmartPhone. Nonetheless, there are basic requirements that need to predominantly come up after getting the device. These prerequisites would allow a proper running of the phone and easy utilization all through the use.

How to set up a new Android Phone for the first time.

To Set up a new Android phone for the first time is quite easy. Smartphones have a lot of features, you can always explore interesting kinds of stuff such as connecting with people, researching, playing games, music and videos and many more.

set up a new Android Phone

As aforementioned, there are basic things you need to acknowledge when setting up your new Android device and some of them include:

1. Insert your SIM card, memory card
2. Selecting the language of your choice
3. Having a strong stable data connection or Wi-Fi network.
4. Opening your Google account
5. Adding security options

Insert SiM card

First of all, when you get a new phone, you need to ensure that your battery is fully charged.
Android devices come in different design and model according to the manufacturers, so the SIM slot might be located at the back of the phone or at the side of the phone.

A SIM card (subscriber identity module) might be in a mini size or a bigger size depending on the size of the SIM slot. A SIM card stores data for cellular phone users. Such as user information (name, location, date of birth, fingerprint and many more) and phone number, network authorization data, contact lists and text messages.

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So it is necessary to insert a SIM card so as to get a data connection and make calls alongside with text messages. Android phones come with SIM ejector to remove your SIM cards. Most SIM cards are offered in Nano form so it is important you check carefully how to insert the SIM the right way. Many Android smartphones are Dual SIM-enabled, so to insert your SIM, pick up your SIM ejector, locate where the SIM slots are placed, then eject the SIM slot.

Most recent phones have their SIM slots placed either at the right or left side. It depends on the type of phone you have.

Insert Memory card

A memory card is used to store digital information such as videos, photos, documents, applications, music and many more. Though you can also store digital information on your phone storage without a memory card it is also advisable to get a memory card so as to avoid insufficient storage. A memory card has different capacities such as 4GB, 16GB, 64GB and many more.

The memory card slot is usually placed at the side of your phone. Check to see which slot is for sim and which one is for SD Card. Some SIM slots are hybrid sims meaning you can use either SIM card or Memory card on them.

Power Your Phone on 

There is usually a power button at the right or the top side of your phone and it is usually in small sizes. Long press on the button for a while till the phone comes on.

  • You will receive a WELCOME message and you will be asked to select the language of your choice. Click on your preferred language to get started.
  • You will be asked to log into your Google account or create a new account.
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Connect to Data or WiFi

You need to ensure that your data connection is on, go to settings then click on mobile data and switch it on.  Also, you can connect to a strong Wi-Fi network.

Create a Google account

A Google account gives you access to many Google products and it helps in securing your privacy, managing your files such as your photos, applications, synchronizing your contacts. Therefore, creating a Google account is one of the main steps to set up a new Android phone for the first time.

If you have a Google account, fill in your information whereby your data will be restored on your new phone but if you do not have, you can create a new account by providing your name, phone number and a password of your choice and you will also need to accept Google’s terms and conditions to continue.

Start Installing Applications

You can also start to download and install some applications you might need. Customize your Android home screen by adding widgets and applying beautiful themes

Adding security options

  • You can select any security options of your choice.
  • Go to your settings, scroll down and search for “security”
  • Then click on it, click on the screen lock.
  • Some Android devices have a fingerprint or facial recognition security lock. However, some of the popular security measures are either pin, Password, pattern and swipe. From this, you can invariably select which plainly matches your kind of security measure

Summary on How to set up a new Android phone 

  • Switch on the phone and ensure it is fully charged
  • Select a language
  • Connect to Wi-Fi
  • Enter your Google account details
  • Select your backup and payment options
  • Set up a password and/or fingerprint
  • Enter your SIM
  • Start downloading apps and content
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There you have it on how to set up a new Android Phone

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