How to Save Zip Files on iPhone or iPad

Here, I am going to show you guys how to Save Zip Files on iPhone or iPad. If you’re looking to save and interact with zip files on your iPhone or iPad then you would be happy to know that you can now do that without the need to download a third party app from the apple app store.

Before now, you had to download any of the numerous zip apps on the apple app store to unzip or zip files on your iPhone or iPad which you still have to do. However, you can now save zip files to your iPhone or iPad through the files app. The files app on iPhone and iPad can be used to interact with zip files which enables you to save the zip files onto your device.

The files app which was introduced in iOS 11 is an app that is used to manage all of your files like videos, photos, documents, Audio and other files as well as manage file services apps like Google drive and Dropbox just to name a few.

The files app can now be used to manage zip files also in the latest version of iOS, which as at the time of writing this is iOS 12. So if your device is running iOS 12 then you’re most definitely also running the latest version of the files app. Let’s go ahead and figure out to save zip files on your iPhone or iPad using the files app.

How To Download and Save Zip Files on iPhone or iPad

  • Open your Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad and access the website from which you would like to download and save the zip file.
  • Start the download by clicking on the Download link then let it download.
  • Once the download is complete, You’ll be presented with a screen acknowledging the zip file you just downloaded with an option of apps installed on your device you would like to use to interact with the zip file.
  • In the options you’ll see “Open In files” Click on it. You can also Click on “More…” Underneath it and Select “Save to Files”.
  • Now, to see the saved zip files, all you have to do is simply open the files app directly. There you’ll see the zip file whether on your device or iCloud drive, depending on where you downloaded it to.
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Note: While you can use this method above to save zip files to your iPhone or iPad device, you still cannot zip or unzip the files. You’ll still need a third party zip app form the apple app store. This is because the files app on iOS doesn’t currently support it but it does recognise it.

Hopefully, in the nearest future, Apple should make files app capable of zipping and unzipping files but for now, you’ll have to make do with the third-party apps on the apple app store which should get the job done. Apps like Zip Viewer and WinZip are some of the best Zip apps on the apple App store and is definitely worth checking out.

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