How To Restore Deleted Messages On WhatsApp

A tutorial on how you can restore deleted Messages on Whatsapp. WhatsApp is among the most popular applications for sending and receiving messages. Now in the course of using WhatsApp you might mistakenly delete some messages which you have been looking for ways to get it back. This article provides the guide on how you can do that

How to Restore Deleted Messages on WhatsApp

You can restore deleted messages that are not older than 7 days old. You will need to uninstall and later install your WhatsApp back. The application offers a backup for your data on a daily basis and this is stored on your Android device.

Follow the guide below to restore deleted Messages on WhatsApp

  • Locate where your WhatsApp is installed and uninstalled it.
  • Go to your app store to download a new WhatsApp afresh, locate the app and install it
  • You will be asked to restore your backup during re-installation
  • Tap the option for ‘Restore’ and this restores all messages that are 7 days old
  • If you are on a desktop this process is a simpler and just shake the device. When you shake it WhatsApp will ask whether you want to undo your archive. Tap on ‘Yes’ and there is reappearance of the message thread.

Take note that this method is for the last messages that you deleted and the recovery happens only to the one that is most recent.

How to locate Deleted Audio, Video And Images

When you mistakenly delete video and images from your chat history you can still retrieve them. The process to locate your videos and images which you remove from your chat history is quite simple.

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Proceed to ‘File Manager’ and then under WhatsApp open the folder containing Images, audio or video’ and this depends on the media you intend to find. Go through the list to locate the file you are looking for. You can also do this on your computer by connecting your device to USB cable


It could be painful when you mistakenly delete an important message from your WhatsApp. Hopefully, with this tips on how to restore Deleted Messages On WhatsApp, you can still recover the messages you deleted in your WhatsApp.

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