How to Know the Opinion of People on Facebook?

Social media has brought revolution in the lives of people all over the world and no doubt Facebook is a leading platform. Billions of people are connected with each other through Facebook. This connectivity has brought a lot of ease in life and has made easy access in many respects.

How to Promote your Idea

Promote your Idea

Opinion is an idea which someone conceives about anyone in any regard. Many times one needs to get others opinion about himself or about any issue. One remarkable thing done by the Facebook team is making it easy to get or float an opinion.

An idea is in crude form at the beginning to make it refine and fascinating for the people you need to work on it. Facebook is playing a vital role in promoting different ideas generated by users. It is very helpful in developing a business. As people start giving their opinion about your ideas you can refine your idea by considering their opinions.

Advancement Through Facebook

Advancement Through

Facebook as a soul media playing its role in the advancement of fields of life. By connecting with Facebook you feel you can easily develop and advance towards solutions regarding almost every issue involved in your life. You can get an expert opinion in no time and solve your problems.

Now we are going to discuss in detail how to create a poll on Facebook to know the opinion of people.

Following steps can be taken to know the opinion of people on People Facebook.

Step 1.

First of all, make a Facebook page. This page should be detailed enough for anyone to understand what you want to know.

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Step 2.

Update your status box by choosing + sign next to event or milestone. Now compose a milestone question which must be understandable.

Step 3.

Make the options about the poll and choose these options carefully.

Step 4.

Make a space where a person can answer your question regarding the poll.

Step 5.

By making all these steps you can see the results through your poll question.

The Importance of Creating a Poll

Importance Creating facebbok

Polls have a lot of potential. By using it you can make your ideas, your brands and your services popular. It also helps you to make certain required changes which can bring letter results for you. As much people respond to you it will strongly benefit you.

Important Things to Know

Important facebook

If I share my personal experience, I can say that if you want to know everything properly you must be attached to a community. Facebook has become a community and people belonging to every field of life can be found here. So no doubt it helps everyone with reference to everything.

Now we discuss how to know the opinion of people Facebook.

  1. You must be sure about the issue you are floating a poll about makes some sense.
  2. Make it interesting and useful to attract much more people.
  3. Make your Facebook account and page by keeping in mind what you want.
  4. Make the opinions clear and easy to understand for everyone.
  5. Your point at which you want to the opinion of the people must be beneficial.
  6. You should become social on Facebook and add people as much as you can.
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These are certain steps which can be helpful to make your task successful.

Before concluding this article, we need to know one most important thing that is “how to create polls on People Facebook”. This is the essence of the discussion. To attain it there are certain things like you should be a proper and regular user of Facebook.

You should make your status attractive for people. There should be no technical hurdle left with your page. Your poll must be too much clear that people feel that their opinion will be of certain importance.


Nobody can deny the role of Facebook as a social media in the world of connectivity. It makes one’s opinion precious for others. Polls generated through Facebook are respected by people whose decisions depend on results. Facebook has a lot of uses which cannot be sum up in a single article. It is only one specialty which is very remarkable that how to create polls on Facebook.

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