How to Know If Someone Blocked Your Number on iPhone

Have you been trying to speak with a friend or family member on the phone, but you couldn’t reach them, and they’ve not returned your calls or messages? A number of things could cause this issue: They could be busy, ill, or their mobile phone has developed some fault. Or they could have simply blocked your number.

How do you know if a person has blocked your number? That is what we will be explaining in this article. For starters, you need to know there is no surefire way to determine if your cell phone number is blocked. There are some tell-tale signs you can watch out for, indicating that someone blocked your number from calling or sending a text.

Tips to Detect If Your iPhone Is Blocked

Now, let’s look at the clues which show calls and text messages from your iPhone are blocked:

Check If Messages Sent on iMessage Shows “Not Delivered”

If you text them on iMessage, you should normally receive the “Delivered” report once they get your message. But if they blocked your phone number, you would keep noticing the ‘Not Delivered’ report as the response to messages sent on iMessage.

There should be a time when you think you weren’t blocked. Head to your iMessage thread and scroll to a time you feel the person hadn’t yet blocked you. You can check under your last message sent to view the “Delivered” shown on the message delivery report. If the messages that follow this particular one display “Not Delivered,” this shows you’ve now been blocked.

Try to Enable SMS texts

The next sign that indicates you’ve been blocked is in the form of SMS. But this trick will only work after you have enabled SMS texts on your iPhone. Once that is done, when the iMessages are not sent, your smartphone will try to use your mobile data, automatically, to re-send this text message.

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If you notice that the SMS messages don’t still give you a delivery confirmation, this is another clue showing that the recipient has blocked your cell phone number.

Check to Confirm Their iPhone Is in Do Not Disturb Mode

If the person you messaged has not blocked you and their iPhone has been put in Do Not Disturb mode, when the device iPhone returns to the normal mode, they will get a notification and your iMessage.

To illustrate this point, Sarah in the first picture below didn’t block the sender on her iPhone for the first message, but did in the second one that reads, “Hey Sarah – test text.” In the second photo, she put in her iPhone in Do Not Disturb mode. If you check this first photo, you will see an unblocked text with delivery notification. In the other picture, the blocked text did not show the “Delivered” notification underneath. For the text message sent while the Do Not Disturb mode is on, a delivery notification popped up immediately, though the text was not delivered until the phone returned to normal mode. Thus, we can conclude that if a person turns on Do Not Disturb mode, you will still get a delivery notification for your iMessages; but you won’t if your number has been blocked.


Go Straight to Voicemail

If your text was not replied and there was no delivery verification also, it is possible the recipient’s iPhone is out of service. Unless there is an emergency, you could wait to put a call through to your friend or family member. If your message still remains unanswered after some hours and you want to call, you can use this trick to check if you have been blocked:

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You could ask one of your siblings or friends to block your number and see what you will discover. You would notice that the phone would ring just for a very brief moment — not even up to a full ring — before it connects to voicemail. You could leave a message as you normally do with unblocked calls; you would observe that the message would appear in a separate section for blocked calls in the voicemail of the phone you called. After you have been unblocked, the person you called will receive a notification in the usual manner about your voicemail on the Lock Screen of the iPhone.

But during the period when you were blocked, you would see that there was no way for the other party to know you called, and they won’t be notified about the blocked voicemail. The only way they can know you called them is if they open their voicemails and check the Blocked Messages section.

If your number is not blocked and the person you are trying to get in touch with set their phone in Do Not Disturb, your voicemail will go to the usual, unblocked section. If you also call twice within 3 mins. and are not blocked, it is possible that the second call will go through as a result of the Repeated Calls option; though, this feature is not a guarantee that your second call will connect. As shown in the picture below, there’s an option that lets you toggle Repeated Calls off.


Armed with the tips given above, you will be able to know with reasonable certainty whether your cell phone number has been blocked or not. The best thing is to speak with the person concerned directly, though, as they could have accidentally blocked you. But if they did it on purpose and don’t want to be in contact with you any longer, then it is time you moved on.

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