How To Integrate Biometric Authentication Into Your Mobile App

How To Integrate Biometric Authentication Into Your Mobile App

When the first Star Trek movie came out in 1966, it surprised the viewers with an incredible amount of Sci-Fi ideas and technology that seemed impossible at that time. The memorable, however, was the technology which we now call biometric authentication.

At that time, it was dazzling and funny at the same time to observe the interstellar ship do a retina scan and have voice and face recognition – the technology that we now more often use for a less serious purpose (to take a picture of our faces through funny Snapchat filters).

Although it was an oddity back in 1966, biometric authentication is now a necessity rather than whim. This technology has proven to be quite effective, especially in terms of:

  • Authenticating your profile to secure access to your mobile devices;
  • Preventing cyber attacks, phishing, and personal data leaks;
  • In general, securing your activities connected to the use of mobile devices.

The integration of biometric authentication on mobile devices has taken the lead in the industry. According to Statista, a smartphone is the most commonly-used platform for biometric authentication:

Statista Biometric Authentication
Image credit: Statista

Applications that deal with sensitive data are leaders in implementing biometric authentication.

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