How to Hide iPhone Xs and Xs Max Notch

Looking to hide notch on your iPhone Xs or Xs Max? In this how-to guide, we will discuss ways to go about doing this.

In the wake of the release of the iPhones Xs and Xs Max a couple of months ago, if you have upgraded to any of these devices from iPhone X, it is quite possible that you would have already come to terms with Notch. But if, like several users out there, you took a dive from the classic iPhones, you could be finding it a tad difficult to get along with the feature. If you are currently trying to cope with this snafu, read on.

Tips for Hiding Notch on iPhone Xs and Xs Max

Do bear in mind that the solution we will present below is only a workaround, so it isn’t perfect. To remove that undesirable notch from your new iPhone X, there are some wallpaper apps, such as Lucky Notch for XNotch Remover Fade the notch, and similar free tools, which let you keep it out of the way.

Here are the steps to follow to get this done:

  1. Start by Downloading Notcho on your iPhone X on iTunes for free.
  2. After downloading and installing it, open it. Here, you can either make use of any one of your pictures from Camera Roll or use those images that are available in the software. Pick a beautiful wallpaper from the library of this app and hit the Import.

  1. You should now tap on Adjust. This will allow you to perfectly move and scale your image so it can have a great look on your phone screen.
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  1. You should then hit Done to complete the process.

  1. Here, you need to tap on Save.

  1. The next step is, opening Photos app and selecting the wallpaper that you just designed. You should then tap on it, followed by the share

  1. At this juncture, tap on Use as Wallpaper and on Set.

  1. In the last step, you can set the wallpaper as your Home or Lock screen wallpaper. Alternatively, you can use it for both purposes. To do this, hit the Set Both

That’s all: You have now successfully hidden the notch on your iPhone Xs or Xs Max. You should now go to the Home or Lock screen to confirm that the Notch is hidden.

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