How to Fix SIRI Not Speaking on Apple Watch Series 3

Wondering how to fix Siri not speaking on Apple Watch Series 3 or do you know the procedures about how to get things done quicker and easier but still delusional why your device assistant isn’t functioning as you want? If so, then this article is for you.

Apparently, most Smartphone users fancy doing things easier than just having to click their way through it. Hence, this has prompted Smartphone makers especially Apple to include a smart assistant to get things properly and simply done. On this note is where it brings about the creation of an inbuilt app called, SIRI.


SIRI is an intelligent assistant that enables users to be a part of Apple Inc’s iOS, WatchOS, MacOS, and Homepod. It’s on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple watch, Apple TV, and the likes. But on this note, we’d be talking about Apple Watch.

SIRI is a great asset for Apple watch. It serves as a personal assistant that allows you to carry out lots of functionalities such as a quick response to a friend’s message or instantly responding to any mail. Here are some of the functionalities of SIRI. So if Siri is not speaking on your Apple Watch Series 3, then read on

Basic functions of SIRI on Apple watch

  • Check time: You will use your watch to check the time; you rarely need SIRI’s help with that. But there are an excess of other time-based tasks that SIRI can help with
  • Make a phone call: The microphone and speaker on your Apple watch can be used to make short phone calls. Use SIRI to start a call, check your voicemail, or dial the emergency
  • Send a message: Don’t be limited by the present message options on your Apple watch. Use SIRI to dictate any message being sent to the other party.
  • Get direction:  The Apple watch is great for finding your way around. Ask SIRI for recommendations, get an update on your arrival time, or find out the next time to depart.
  • Play music: SIRI on Apple watch works brilliantly with Apple music to give access to over 45 million songs. Create playlists, find new music or listen to the radio with simple SIRI commands.
  • Get sports result: SIRI is the best friend for any sports fans. Get an update on the latest results, planned matches or top players. All without placing a finger on your phone.
  • Recalling reminder: keep track of what’s on your calendar, add new events or send invites to your contacts. SIRI can help with all this, thus, making you more organized than ever.
  • Find an image: Use SIRI to find photos in your collection, or lookup image online. After a moment of searching, your Apple watch will pull up the relevant pictures on its display.
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Be that as it may be, there are times when SIRI doesn’t work properly on Apple watch. At this point, it could be quite frustrating. Normally, this could be due to poor Wi-Fi, internet connection or a miscellaneous bug. But there are times when it is much more than causing SIRI not to function well or abnormally. Conversely, this isn’t in any way strange as it is common with other Apple Watch users as well, and the good news is that it can be fixed without much hassle.

Fixing Siri not speaking on Apple Watch Series 3

Normally, the SIRI Language on your Apple Watch matches with the selected language on the paired iPhone. So, SIRI failing to respond on your Apple Watch Series 3 would be amounting to the user having to download a selected language. Not to worry, this guide covers just that.

Downloading SIRI voice on Apple Watch Series 3

To effectively download SIRI on the Apple Watch, the Watch needs to be fully charged. Also there is need for a stable network connection or Wi-Fi. Once set, you can then confidently proceed to the app downloading platform to install the SIRI app.

While downloading and you are not certain of the download process status, the below steps show help you guarantee that

  • Open the Settings Watch on your Apple Watch.
  • Next, tap on the “General” option.
  • Now, tap on SIRI and then scroll down to ‘SIRI Voice.”

If SIRI’s voice needs to be downloaded, what you will see is a message saying “SIRI will speak with the same voice selected on your iPhone. Waiting to download. The download will occur when your watch is charging.” Upon seeing this, you can be sure you need to continue the download process while following the above process. Once the download is done, try using SIRI again. This time, it should work perfectly.

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