How To Download Instagram Stories On Your Phone

Downloading of Instagram stories is now possible and this include videos and photos. In this article, you will learn how to download Instagram stories on your phone. Instagram is among the most popular social media platforms. It is the number one platform for sharing pictures. A lot of videos are uploaded on Instagram daily as well.

Many people share tons of photos in Nigeria and outside Nigeria using this platform. The platform opened this feature ‘Instagram Stories‘ in the year 2016. There are many reasons a person might wants to download a particular insta stories. It could be that the stories is interesting and you will like to keep it or there is something unique about it.

Whatever might be the reasons, we will show you how you can download Instagram stories in this post.

Features Of Instagram Stories

It helps users to share videos and photos which usually disappear once it is 24 hours. Nevertheless the platform is not the only platform doing that. Snapchat does that too. It’s stories are similar to Snapchat stories and both share videos and photos.

Now when you follow a person and he shares a story, it pops out within ‘stories’ bar. This stories bar is just on the feed and you can view it over and over again. View it before it goes off and send your reply for that story.

Why You Download Instagram Stories Instead Of Using Screenshots?

  1. Users will be notified whenever a screenshot initiated and you may not intend someone to know this.
  2.  You can save downloaded Videos and photos and use them later. If you do not save these videos and photos, they will go off and you will not be able use them later. You only have to go to Google Play and download the ‘Instagram Stories’. Save it on your phone and then proceed with the process.
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Steps To Download Instagram Stories On Your Phone

  • The first step is to download Instagram stories saver and save it on your phone from Play Store
  • Proceed and open the Stories Saver application and then log in using your Instagram account
  • All the accounts that you are following pops out after logging in. Tap towards a name and all the Instagram stories will come out which may be video and photo
  • Click on those stories and then save it. Once you do that, those stories will be downloaded and then you can save it with the folder name. You can then head over to Google Photos or any Gallery app to view the stories


There you have it guys. Hope this tip on how to download Instagram stories was helpful to you, then, don’t forget to share your opinions with us.

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