How to change your Alexa Rank from Estimated to Certified

Even if you subscribed to Alexa Rank Certified and installed the Alexa counter code on all the pages still shows your Estimated rank by default.

Estimated rank is actually just a random number as their blog states“We do not receive enough data from our sources to make rankings beyond 100,000 statistically meaningful”, in Estimated Rank Alexa doesn’t take into account the real traffic figures, so you can purchase millions of hits from any traffic source and your Estimated Rank will stay same.

So once you started purchasing any traffic(not only from us) you need to change your rank from Estimated to Certified.
Here are the steps you should take to make it:

1. Activate Alexa Rank Certified at
2. Install Alexa’s traffic counter on every page of your website
3. Wait 21 days period in order to be able to switch your Alexa Rank from Estimated to Certified
4. After the 21 days period has ended log into your Alexa account and click Manage link as in the screenshot:

5. Click Public display settings in the dropdown
6. In the opened page choose Certified Site Metrics in all the possible options

Good job! Now your Alexa Rank shows your real Alexa Rank based on the traffic your website is receiving, purchase more traffic in order to improve your Alexa Rank.

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