How To Be A Special Marshal

There are two major Marshals in the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC). There is the Regular Marshals and the Special Marshals.

The Regular marshals are uniformed officers whereas special marshals are non-uniformed officers.

Also, the Special marshals have special propriety kits that distinguish them from other state and federal traffic officers.

Also, while Regular marshals are employees of the commission and receive salaries, Special marshals do not receive salaries.

Special Marshals are private individuals who join Marshals solely for the selfless interest of helping in road traffic management. It is a voluntary service.

To become a Special Marshal, here are the requirements


  • Have a personal serviceable vehicle
  • Must be a licensed driver
  • Must not have any record of criminality
  • Must have a visible means of livelihood

With these qualifications intact, visit the nearest FRSC Command and ask for the Special Marshal Unit.


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