How to Backup Your Android Phone, Contacts, Photos, Vidoes and Messages

Learn how to backup your Android phone easily. What happens if you suddenly discovered that your device suddenly stopped functioning? Not good, you’d say, but what happens if every important softcopy file that determines your source of living is stored on that same damaged device? Apparently, you’d be as frustrated as you can get, but you actually wouldn’t be getting it back. Or maybe not… You actually may still get it if you have a backed up your contents somewhere either manually or over the cloud.

The truth is, we live in a technology age, and every single thing that happens around us all seemed to be documented. Thus, it is overly imperative that you keep track of every file that goes into your device ranging from contacts, messages, images, videos and even chats. After all, you never can tell when next this things will come in handy. Be that as it may, it is also exaggeratedly tasking to continue to back up every detail manually, so your best shot is saving them over the cloud.

Without much ado, let’s get to see how we can significantly backup stuff on Android phone

How to Backup Your Android Phone Contacts

Without mincing words, saved contacts are as important as the whole phone as the phone itself. How else are you going to easily connect with your far-away friends? Of course, it all relates to the contacts you have saved.

Unfortunately, many Android users are still storing contacts on their phone storage and SIM cards. This, as good as it may sound,  is quite a huge mistake as anything within and out of the ordinary could happen to it and thereby cause you to completely lose important contacts that might take you time to get once again.

The question however is, how do we store contacts to avoid losing it?

Simple, via Google Accounts. You might be oblivious that the Gmail feature you constantly use as a medium of messaging can actually serve as a means to save a contact. How? Simply synchronize your phone contacts by navigating to your phone’s Settings > Accounts > Google > Contacts, click on the three-dotted lines at the right corner and click on syn now. If you are using two Google Accounts, you have to select the one to use for back up

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Also, you can practically export your contacts and store them in a specific format (vcf actually) and store them in a different storage, that is if you don’t feel comfortable saving your contacts over the cloud.

How to Backup Your Android Phone Photos and Videos

The next thing we’d be discussing is how to back up photos and videos. You obviously wouldn’t want to lose all those glamorous, throwback memories you once had all because of one careless mistake of poor or lack of backup.

However, the most widely suggested photo backup is the Google Photos. This photo storage gives you the refinement to save as many pictures as you can, irrespective of the quality. However, you don’t have to worry about local storage photos and videos as they are stored automatically.

Head over to Play store and download Google photo app for your device.  Open it and toggle on ‘Back up and Syn’

How to Backup Your Android Phone Text Messages

Although not as common as it used to be, there are still lots of people still utilizing this feature. The reason might be because of easy referencing based on what the service provider offers, hence the need for a backup. The usual option to do this is the SMS Backup & Restore, but it is rather unfortunate that it does not sync every text message automatically to the cloud but requires you to create a backup schedule which it saves in local storage. Nonetheless, the Google Drive and the different service provider would be the best option towards achieving optimal cloud backup.

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How to Backup Your Android Phone Notes

Well, the importance of keeping notes cannot be underemphasized. In the case where you are the types that cannot do but scribble notes, then you should start planning for backup to avoid losing it. For that not to happen, I recommend that you use the Google’s amazing note-taking app, Google Keep for taking notes.

This app automatically syncs everything you jot down to the Google servers. Thus, making it accessible from anywhere, anytime in any device as long as it is the same Google Account you used for signing up while launching the installed application.

There you have it guys on How to Backup Your Android Phone contents.

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