How to Analyze Instagram Story Performance Through Story Insights

Are you running a business on Instagram? If yes then surely you are using an Instagram Story for promotion purposes. You should also be in the search of how you can analyze the performance which is also called KPI (Key Performance Indicators) of the story. In this article you learn how to analyze the Instagram Story performance with Instagram Story Insights.

Why We Need to Track Performance of Instagram Story

Instagram Story is the most popular and mostly using feature of Instagram. Around 300 million users out of 800 million are using the Instagram story. So this is why businesses and brands are using the story for the promotion purpose. 


Just because Instagram stories are the instant and fast mode of delivering the message to the other users. The people who are investing the money on the Instagram story, they should want to analyze the performance of the Instagram Story. So how they can see where they have to work more for more efficient results. 


Here we will see 4 indicators that are really helping in increasing the effectiveness of the Instagram story. Let’s take a look at these performance indicators. 

1. Impressions and Reaches

This indicator will show you how many people on Instagram have reached your story, in short words it will tell you the estimated count of the audience on the story. Now let’s take a look at the difference between impression and reach. The reaches are how many people have viewed your story, and impressions are how many times your Instagram has viewed. For example if a person watched your story for seven times, it will count as seven impressions, but the reach will count as one. So this is the reason the impressions are always more than reached. 

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Now the question is how these indicators help us in increasing the performance of the stories. Actually by analyzing the impressions and reaches you can determine the ratio between the number of reaches and the followers. Mostly 9% of the followers are reaching your story, so if you got the results below then you need to work more for increasing the performance

2. Story Features

With the help of this indicator you can see where your Instagram story is featuring and popular. If you are using the hashtags and geotags in your story, then your story will start showing in the specific region posts. For example if you have used the hashtag related men clothes, then your post will show in the men clothes categories, similarly if you use the geotag of the USA region, then your post will show in the posts of the USA region. Do you know what this is so you can gain more traffic on your story and targeted traffic, and this way is the best alternative to the free Instagram story views.

3. Taps Back, Taps Forward and Exit Rate

With the help of this indicator you can analyze the quality of your content. There are three things in this indicator. 

  • Taps Back: In this you can see how many users are switched to the previous story of the current story. For example there are three stories A,B and C. If the user on the B story and he or she moves back to the A story it will count as Taps Back.
  • Taps Forward: In this you can see how many users are switched to the next story of the current story. For example there are three stories A,B and C. If the user is on the B story and moves forward to the C story it will count as Taps forward.
  • Exit: This will show how many users have left your story.
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This indicator will help you, to analyze how many people have liked your content and how many people have left your story. If the exit rate is higher than back and forward, then it means you need to work on the quality of the content.

4. Actions of Hashtag and GeoTag Stickers

If you have used the hashtags and geotags stickers on your story, and if the user clicks on the sticker then you will get to know about this activity. In this indicator you will get to know how many people have clicked on your geotag or hashtag sticker. We recommend you always use the hashtag and geotag on your story, because it will help you in getting more reached on your story and even you can get the targeted traffic on your story. Don’t you think this is cool? It is the best way for giving the extra boost to the story. 

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