How Can Wearable Technology Improve Our Health And Daily Activities?

The wearable technology industry has taken the healthcare industry by storm, within just a couple of years after its emergence. It has revolutionized the healthcare by assisting doctors in getting real-time access to electronic records of patients.

The advantages of wearable technology are not limited to the doctors alone. Any individual can now monitor his own health, thanks to wearable technology. Therefore, it is no surprise that the global retail revenue derivable from wearable devices is expected to reach $53.2 billion by the end of 2019.

Analysts in health sector believe that this widespread popularity of wearable technologyand adoption of wearable devices among people are significant steps towards patient engagement and, improvement of population health as a whole.

These are two critical factors that are driving the success of the healthcare environment of late. Three immensely beneficial trends are being converged by the advent of wearable technology- community, connected information and gamification.

Hence, huge scope lies in wearable technology, to promote engagement and create health awareness at both personal and population

Want to know how Wearable Technology can improve your health and provide benefits in your daily activities?  We will tell you here-

It can enhance your Productivity

If you are a working professional, business owner, entrepreneur or any individual for that matter- you are always expected to complete your tasks in less time. This puts you in enormous stress, you tend to lose concentration and all these can affect your productivity.

Wearable devices can do wonders in case of increasing your productivity. You can easily update your routine tasks on these devices. They can work as your personal helper and can handle your less-priority tasks very well- leaving you with more time to carry out your top-priority ones. This way, you can increase your productivity.

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Track your Health and Fitness

Smartwatch on Wrist

Wearable devices help to track critical data related to your health- such as how much calories were burnt during your last workout, how many steps you walked through this morning etc.

But the most beautiful part to know about these devices is their ability to use these data to your benefit. They can guide you about eating the right food and monitoring your heartbeat. Some can also advise you on how to quit smoking, lose weight or reach your fitness objectives.

With the new breed of such devices called smart socks- you can track your feet movements and can get suggestions for improving your running skills.


The statistical details provided by these devices are also helping doctors to diagnose their patients better. People are also expected to cut down their health care expenses with the widespread use of wearable devices in the next three to four years.

A lot of research is being done on developing such devices to help people suffering from Alzheimer’s, diabetes, neuropathic pain and many more. The advent of Wearables has indeed become a big boon for nipping lethal diseases in their primitive stages.

Use in controlling and managing pain

Wearable devices are being developed in order to eliminate the requirement of prescription painkillers for a long duration. One such device provides electrical stimulation to reduce pain. It also has an app-based tracking system that enables you to track and manage your pain.

Protect you and your belongings

Smartwatch on Wrist

Smart wearable devices have been developed in order to protect you and your belongings. These devices look like bracelets and have the capacity to alert your family, friends and the cops in case of emergency and also in cases when you cannot reach out to your phone. They can broadcast your location for these people to track you down.

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With people traveling so frequently these days, these wearable are bound to play an even bigger role in near future.

Manage your stress level

There are the devices that remind you to control your breath when you are stressed. They will tell when the time for you to relax is and when to go for a few breathing exercises.

It can improve daily activities of senior citizens and the disabled

Wearable devices have become a great help for the physically challenged and senior citizens. They can now be less reliant on their caretakers. Smart glasses have been developed to help people with movement disorders to take pictures and surf web with relative ease.

The footnote:

Wearable Technology can improve our health and daily activities immensely, in its own indomitable way. It has already made a huge impact on the everyday life of an individual by boosting his work capabilities.

Wearables are unleashing new avenues almost every day for people to monitor their health and fitness standards and to take timely action before any health-hazards come creeping in.

Hope you start using these devices sooner than later.

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