Four Essential Qualities Of A Good Tracking & Monitoring App

If you do a generic search for tracking and monitoring Tracking Monitoring App, you will probably come up with many listings of different software and apps saying that they are the best and it could be true they could be the best. In this article, we will try to look at the basic features and functionality we believe that a true monitoring and Tracking Monitoring App for should have. We will also see if we can elaborate these features to make them easier to understand.

They must be Compatible

The number one quality these types of software should have is compatibility and that is compatibility to work on multiple versions of an Operating Systems (Android, iOS, WindowsOS etc.) and the ability to work on both rooted and non-rooted or jailbreak / non-jailbreak devices. There are several monitoring and tracking Tracking Monitoring App out there that say they support iOS and Android and after a little research you find out they can only work on jailbreak or rooted devices. So this is the first thing one should check for.

Tracking Monitoring

They Should be Low Key

The second most important quality is stealth or discreteness; it wouldn’t be much of a monitoring app if it sticks out like a sore thumb. Good monitoring Tracking Monitoring App has a small size, which allows for quick and easy installation and furthermore does not take up much space. The small size also means that when it operates it uses minimum resources – it will not slow down the device it is installed on or cause battery drain.

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They Should Have Smart Features

The third most important quality for a tracking app is smart monitoring or automated monitoring. Monitoring a device is not an easy job if any text message pops in or an email is received on the target device – the app owner has to be online watching the dashboard 24/7 to see an event in real time. Of the many good apps, they have one feature in common that is they have a smart monitoring feature that automates this task and makes life easier for the person carrying out the monitoring. Through this system, a person can set up alerts using watchlists for different features, such as a watchlist for a specific contact. If there is a person mentioned in the contact list of the target device whom they deem suspicious the Tracking Monitoring App owner can include them in a watchlist.MonitoringSo whenever that specific contact communicates or is communicated with by the device owner an alert is triggered and the app owner is immediately notified via email with details such as the mode of communication (call, text message, or email), date, time, email address(if applicable), and number (if applicable). There are watchlists for locations and words as well – they all work to provide automation to the monitoring task of the individual thus allowing the app owner to focus on other tasks.

They Should Have a Failsafe

The fourth most important quality is having a failsafe. The purpose of the failsafe comes to light in worst case scenarios such as the loss of the device or theft. Failsafe systems in apps are either remote locking or remote deletion of all data on the target device. You can realize their importance for it can prevent sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands.

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