How To Ensure A Long Lasting Mobile Phone Battery Life

Don’t we all wish our mobile phone battery life could last forever, so we won’t have to worry about charging? well, its such a bummer that’s not possible with today’s technology but close enough we could optimize our battery life to make it last the day or days depending on how we use them.
The ability of mobile phone batteries to store energy reduces as the number of the charge and discharge cycle increases. This is the demerit of lithium-ion batteries mobile phones use.

The way we handle our devices today affects the charge capacity in the future because the ability of lithium-ion batteries degrades.
The degradation can be minimized by following some simple steps.

1)Control battery discharge
Its advisable to keep lithium batteries at a 50% or higher at most time. Ensure that you don’t let your battery don’t go down to 0%. Although it’s recommended that we keep our battery higher than 50%, try not to keep it charged at 100% frequently, because it degrades the battery life a lot.

Our devices have a battery management systems, which reduce damage from overcharging and phone shutting down automatically due to low battery though.

2)Extend charging times
Most of the new modern mobile devices have a supercharge feature which enables users to charge their phone within few minutes instead of hours. this feature should only be used when we are in a rush as it reduces the battery capacity, so it should be avoided.
charging at lower rates allows complete shuttling to occur, which enhances the battery’s charge capacity.

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3)Keep the temperature just right
The phone should be kept away from direct sunlight or heat, as too much heat kills the battery. lithium should be stored at a temperature between 0℃ and 45℃.
The movement of lithium ions and metals within the electrolyte and electrode is restricted when the temperature is too low. many people used to think its a good idea to keep their battery in the fridge to cool it down till now.

4)Use the right charger
We don’t recommend using just any charger for your cell phone. Always try to use the original charger and, if it stops working or you don’t have it on you, but one that has at least a basic warranty.
Many chargers sold on Amazon, eBay or Aliexpress don’t meet this warranty requirement and, although they will charge up your smartphone, they’ll wear it down more. So, with chargers, it’s better to spend a little more and buy one from a reliable brand (no worries if it’s not the same brand as your cell phone).

5)Use battery-saving modes

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