Download NBA 2K19 APK For Android and iOS Devices

You can now download NBA 2K19 APK from the Google playstoreAre you a lover of games? Do you feel you’ve reached a stage in your life where games no longer give you that thrill and excitement you seek while playing it? Then you obviously have not played the new NBA 2K19 game. The NBA 2K19 game is the brainchild of 2K Franchise which they release around September or October of every year.

This game focuses on bringing the game of basketball closer to you as easy as possible. With NBA 2K19, you don’t have to worry about being a novice in the court. You can rule the NBA with your outstanding skills and moves. Its high tech graphics are simply outstanding, sophisticated, and captivating. This game possesses crazy features and game modes capable of keeping you busy and never get bored.



The story mode encompasses of basketball legends and their respective teams. The fun part of this mode is that you can recreate events and matches in the NBA by choosing any team or legend of your choice. For instance, choosing a team Michael Jordan belongs to means you will have to face another team with a different legend. Its now left for you to tweak your basketball skills and moves in changing history.


In this mode, NBA 2K19 offers you an opportunity to build a career for yourself as a professional basketballer. You would pass through competitive teams as you move up the ladder to become the MVP.

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In case you want to prove your friends wrong about how skilful and good you are in this game, you can connect with them via this mode. The Head to Head mode allows you to connect with your friends via LAN or Gamecenters.


With lots of awesome soundtracks to foster your attention while playing the game, NBA 2K19 features Travis Scott and more in making sure you get the best satisfaction in the game.


The NBA 2K19 game control is customized in a way which can be easily understood and user-friendly. Each control is strategically placed together in order not to strain your hands while playing the game.


NBA 2K19 APK is available on Google Play and Apple Store. It can be found in the Apple store and currently valued at $7.99. The Android version costs around the same price. You can purchase it in Nigeria for around N2,800.

This had been the trend by 2k Franchise over the years. Initially, the Android version was released the month also after the iOS version but with the missing file. This had really made Android owners who had been anticipating for its release have mixed feelings. You can now download the game for Android here.

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