Download Best iPhone Launchers Apk for Android

These are the best iPhone Launchers Apk download for Android and iOS right now. If you’re looking for a way to utterly transform your Android smartphone’s interface to look like iOS with gestures and elements then you’re on the right page. If you’re a big fan of iOS but one way or another you find yourself using an Android device but you want it to have an iOS-like feel then you can check the launchers below.

Although Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices have some limitations on their user interface, with lack of customization options for the iOS interface. Nonetheless, the launchers below will give you all the freedom you need to explore and help transform your Android smartphone’s interface to look near identical to these iOS elements. Below are the best iPhone Launchers Apk download for Android and iOS.

1. One Launcher

If you’re really keen in making your Android smartphone look exactly like iPhone with an iOS launcher then One Launcher is the way to go. It’s one of the best iPhone look-alike launchers right now. It shamelessly turns your interface into an iOS lookalike with iOS transition effects, along with displaying iOS icon packs and system icons. It automatically refreshes the performance of your phone, making the interface a lot faster than before.

2. OS 10 Launcher

OS 10 Launcher

This launcher draws inspiration from Apple’s iOS 10, it automatically changes your Android device into a clone iOS-like user interface. There a premium version that will let you experience more and witness more iOS juice. All the Android apps icons will automatically be replaced Apple ones. When you open an app, it opens exactly the way apps open up on an iPhone. It also adds an Apple-like weather widget for a weather forecast.

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3. xOS iPhone Launcher

 xOS iPhone Launcher

xOS iPhone Launcher does exactly as the name suggests, it doesn’t matter if you’re using a smartphone with 1GB RAM. This launcher provides a smooth interface for low-end Android smartphones. The launcher lets you customize and deliver gorgeous effects. It’s also free to use and easy as well.

4. iPhone X Launcher

 iPhone X Launcher

Forget the “i” missing in the beginning, this is a very cool iPhone X launcher that automatically turns your Android into an iPhone X. You don’t need to buy the iPhone X to actually feel the iPhone X, plus if you have a phone with a notch then you’ll feel like you’re actually using the iPhone X. Yes, you can easily convert your Android phone into an iPhone X with this launcher.

5. iLauncher

This is one of the best iPhone Launchers right now, and no it’s not made by Apple. It’s one of the best you can get right now, there are lot of customizations to go through. It also gives accurate transition effects and gestures similar to iOS. It’s free to use, but the premium version will give you access to a few more gestures and transition effects.

6. Espier Launcher

Espier Launcher might not have an iPhone-like name, but it’s still one of the best iPhone Launchers. As soon as you Install the app, it automatically transforms your Android device. You will experience a lag-free launch with Espier and adds an iPhone X-like home screen as well. Unlike the real iPhone, there are no limitations here with lots of customizations.

7. i6 Plus iOS Launcher

Apple’s highly popular iPhone 6 is still one of the most trending smartphones even in 2018. This launcher lets you have the iPhone 6 feel on your Android. It’s also free to use, however, there are a lot of ads popping up every time. You can dismiss the ads by upgrading to premium.

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These are the best iPhone Launchers you can download for Android right now and use. They will automatically transform your Android to iPhone.

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