Best New Year Resolution Apps 2019

Even though this year’s Christmas celebration is over, the festive season is still very much alive as we approach the dawn of the New Year. New Year comes with a lot of excitement and expectations for many people. The twilight of 2018 — which we are currently in — and the start of 2019 are perfect times to muse over your actions, decisions, successes, and failures this year. Don’t get carried away with all the mirth of this joyous season and fail to draw your New Year’s resolutions.

In 2019, do you plan to save some money for future use, launch a new business, shed some weight, and develop a hobby? To fulfill any of these vows you will be making, you will need support. Hence, we’ve recommended the 5 best New Year’s resolution apps in 2019 for you.

Top New Year Resolution Apps

Here are the 5 best New Year’s resolution apps for iOS and Android in 2019:

Yoga Studio

Do you plan to make a resolution that will keep you focused on staying in shape and losing weight in 2019? Then, Yoga Studio is one of the best tools you can get to aid your objective. The software is your ready-made Yoga classes, containing more than 80 yoga and meditation classes — all in HD video. You can pick any classes suitable for your schedule between 10 – 60 minutes in duration and can also create or customize your own unique High-Definition video classes.

Download Yoga Studio for free from iTunes

Download Yoga Studio for free from the Play Store

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The popular Evernote is definitely one of the most powerful organizers and note takers out there. Any plans you have drawn and resolution you have made begin with Evernote, which is your dedicated digital assistant. The program lets you jot down every one of your to-do lists and keep everything neatly organized in its un-cluttered interface. Evernote is multilingual and helps you take notes in many formats, including text, photos, sketches, video, audio, web clippings, and PDFs.

Download Evernote for free from iTunes

Download Evernote for free from the Play Store

Being in a positive frame of mind is germane to achieving every one of your New Year’s resolutions. This is why you need The software lets you develop good habits, which can be of great importance in making you a better person or in shaping your career. With, you are able to track those goals you have set in a bid to make sure that you stay focused. It is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.

Download for free from iTunes

Download for free from the Play Store


For owners of iOS and Android mobile devices that have made resolutions pertaining to finances, Mint comes highly recommended. It is a smart personal finance manager that offers a lot of charts and graphs in a bid to help you stay informed about your savings, transactions, and expenses. Mint is a great partner for keeping tabs on the amount of money you’re spending and determining some areas you can save bucks.

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Download Mint for free from iTunes

Download Mint for free from the Play Store

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is yet another great New Year’s resolution app, which supports Android and iOS phones. To pull off your resolutions, you definitely cannot go on sleeping till it is late in the morning. You need to monitor your sleep cycle in order to stay healthy. This app is a smart alarm clock, which analyzes your sleep pattern and wakes you when you are in the lightest sleep phase. This will help you feel relaxed and rested following a great night sleep.

Download Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock for free from iTunes

Download Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock for free from iTunes

These are the best New Year’s resolution apps in 2019 for iOS and Android mobile phones. We wish you a happy and fruitful New Year!

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