Best DVD Player to Buy

Technology is now at a place where we can watch our DVD movies and videos on our computers and game consoles. However, that does not rule out the fact that a great DVD player will always find a place in the home setup. We know you think so too, and that is why we are all here, trying to figure out the best DVD player to buy.

For this list, we have made sure to leave out the conventional designs and portable units of DVDs. Instead, we will be focusing on the standard home unit version of the module.

When we say ‘home,’ know that they could also fit in offices, classes, shops and such other places. Without further ado, here are some options to help you figure out the best DVD player to buy on today’s market

1 Sony DVD Player (MP3 + USB)

Sony DVD Player (MP3 + USB)

Sony is no doubt one of the kings of home entertainment, so their DVD player should not be one to disappoint.

We fell in love with the option to play media via USB ports (meaning support for content on your phone, media gadgets and external storage units). In addition to that, this unit comes with its own HDMI port and support for multiple disks. One would expect it to end there, but the unit still squeezes in video rendering of up to 1080p resolution.

Featuring an Ultra-Compact design, the Resume function makes it suitable for Nigerian markets where the power supply is erratic and highly unpredictable.


2 LG DVD Player DV878B

LG DVD Player DV878B

LG is another powerhouse brand that further cements such a status with their DVD Player DV878B offering.

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The unit will handle playbacks in formats of DVD and CD, rendering video and audio playback in as clear and crisp forms as possible, respectively. The unit also goes on to support other formats such as WMA (for recordings).

Featuring support for USB connection, the user can choose to load their media from their phones or external storage devices. Media in this sense refers to not only videos and audios but images too. To give users peace of mind over the product, it comes with a warranty that lasts one year after day of purchase


3 Samsung DVD 5050

Samsung DVD 5050

Samsung started introducing a new line of products that would support a green environment a few couple of years ago, and the DVD 5050 is one of such units. When it is not busy saving the environment, the playback unit will also support video, image and audio formats of media.

Under the stylish design is an in-built echo system to give the best surround and crystal-clear sound.

Probing further, one would be impressed by the low energy consumption levels of the unit. For those who have young children that are prone to watching a lot of movies at home, this unit could save you from skyrocketing power bills.


4 Jiepak Digital DVD Player

Jiepak Digital DVD Player

One of the new brands in the home entertainment scene but they are making a name for themselves already. With the Jiepak Digital DVD Player, the brand promises a unit that is compatible with major formats that videos, images and sound can come in. It even offers support for Kodak Picture CDs to make it an interesting option for photographers/ photo editors.

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There is a progressive scan feature in place for seeking video frame locations. In addition to that, there is likewise support for inbuilt speakers for the best audio experience. Should you have a personal set of speakers you would prefer to use, the DVD unit ships with an external connector port to make that possible.


5 LG DVD Player (MP3 + USB)

LG DVD Player (MP3 + USB)

LG makes another bold statement with the second unit to get on this list. This one stands out from the first in the sense that it contains support for a USB port. Unlike normal USB-support, this would not only be used for playing media from USB-enabled devices. Rather, it would also make way for the transferring of data from the CD in the DVD unit to the connected flash drive.

Another advantage of going for this unit is in the presence of parental lock functions to ensure kids in the house do not abuse the player. Designed as a slim unit with a metallic colour, the DVD is a combination of beauty and innovation.

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