Apple is the most valuable brand in 2022, while Tik Tok is the fastest growing

According to a new report, Apple has surpassed Coca-Cola as the world’s most valuable brand for the year 2022. Meanwhile, competitors such as Google, Samsung, and Huawei have climbed into the top ten

The following are the top ten most valuable brands in the world

1 – Apple
2 – Amazon
3 – Google
4 – Microsoft
5 – Walmart
6 – Samsung Group
7 – Facebook
8 – ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China)
9 – Huawei
10 – Verizon

According to Brand Direc tory’s calculations, the Apple is worth approximately 355.1 billion US dollars. According to the report, Apple’s brand valuation increased by 35% over the previous year, helping it achieve the highest valuation Brand Directory has ever recorded.

 “Apple had a stellar 2021, highlighted by its achievement at the start of 2022 – being the first company to reach a US$3 trillion market valuation. The tech giant’s success historically lied in honing its core brand positioning, but its more recent growth can be attributed to the company’s recognition that its brand can be applied effectively to a much broader range of services.” It stated

The report also revealed Tik Tok as the fastest growing brand. According to the report, TikTok achieved this feat by tripling its brand value from the previous year in 2022.

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