8 Benefits Of Using Smart Thermostats

Given that heating and cooling account for a significant percentage of the energy costs in your home, investing in a smart thermostat will be a wise thing. With it, you get automated and better control of your home’s climate and temperature settings. Such control can see you make significant cutbacks in your monthly or annual energy bill.

Well, up things a notch higher by getting a smart thermostat with Wi-Fi connectivity. It will give you a host of perks that include:

1. Easy Programming

Getting a smart thermostat will take away the hassles of regular manual programming; everything will just work seamlessly. The devices come with digital screens and companion apps that make it easier to set and control the heating and cooling in your home.

2. Keep An Eye On Your Home

Think of the smart thermostat are a window into your home. You can use a companion app to check if the heat in your home is running and even at which temperature. The smart thermostat is the ideal solution for confirming your house is at the perfect setting before you get there.

Smart Thermostat on the Wall

3. Adjust The Temperature On-The-Go

Are you heading home early from work are coming back from a long trip? Perhaps, you are lazing in bed wishing the room was a bit cooler or warmer? You can use the thermostat app on your mobile device to access and control the AC from anywhere.

4. Human Error IS Out Of The Equation

Smart means the thermostats can learn and adjust accordingly to your schedule and preferences. They will drop and raise the temperature in the home during your comings and goings are making things easier and energy efficient for you. The smart thermostat will turn off the AC when you are away and run it when it knows you are about to return home. Some of the high-end devices such as the Nest Learning Thermostat can know when there is nobody in the home and switch off the Air Conditioner.

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5. Get Emailed Alerts

Some smart thermostat models such as the Ecobee EB-STAT-02 and the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat offer cool features such as email alerts in the event of a glitch in the pre-set temperature settings. You can also get email notifications of when the AC was not running due to a power outage or the Wi-Fi network got disconnected.

6. Increased Energy Efficiency

Besides the better control of your AC functions, the primary objective of installing a smart thermostat is to save money by reducing your home’s heating and cooling bill. The thermostats have energy-saving settings that you can manage to suit your habits and climatic preferences in your home.

For instance, Nest Learning Smart Thermostat awards ‘leaf’ badges for the best energy-saving choices and also provides monthly tips in the monthly energy reports for a better energy-efficiency in the AC’s performance.

Smart Thermostat with Smartphone

7. Set Vacation Mode

With the ability to manage the settings while on the go, you can also pre-set the temperatures and when the AC should run throughout your vacationing period.

8. Energy Usage Reports

Most of the advanced models such as Nest and Ecobee track energy usage and send monthly reports, so you will know how much energy you used last month and the month before. Add this info to the fact you can compare gas and electricity prices to get a better deal. The reports are easy to read and understand, and you can even get information that you can use to compare your energy consumption against other users with similar models and home heating and cooling preference in your location or state.

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