7 Smart Features of PayPal – the Most Popular Payment Gateway

Sending and receiving money has always been problematic in the past but now, the table has turned. PayPal has appeared as a miracle and an easy way out for sending and receiving money. Transferring money has never been this easy! Sending money anywhere on the globe is now just one-click away. Do you want to know the amazing features of PayPal? Here we are going to enlighten you with the seven smartest features of PayPal that can make you a fan of this amazing thing and make your life way easier and stress-free.

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1. Deals in a number of currencies

Stressed about the currency because you need to send money to another country? There is nothing to worry about because PayPal deals in more than 25 currencies and all the currencies are those that are being widely used in the world. It also increases the customer rate because most of the people prefer paying in their local currencies and they can do it with complete ease using this platform. Another amazing feature is that it accepts credit cards and debit cards that are being used globally. Therefore, with the help of PayPal a person can deal anywhere from any part of the world without worrying about the different currency.

2. Security is a Priority

PayPal Security

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When it comes to money we all naturally become more conscious as it is a delicate method and needs to be handled with care. PayPal ensures the security of your amount as well as personal data. All your account information, bank detail, debit card details are kept highly confidential by PayPal and extreme security is ensured in order to provide a safe and better customer service. This is a huge achievement on their part.

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3. Merchants’ life made easy

PayPal is mostly preferred by merchants because it allows them to trade freely all around the globe and they don’t have to worry about payment. PayPal gives them freedom from the tension of different currency, security, transactions, and a lot more. It helps a lot to those people who have an online business, therefore, businesses and especially dealers prefer to use PayPal. It has taken online and worldwide business to a whole new level. And also, it is way more convenient to send money through PayPal as compared to any other medium. This is another plus point that makes merchants go crazy about it.

4. Students accounts

PayPal does not only benefit the businesses but it also benefits the young generation mainly the students. It all started in 2009 when PayPal introduced the teenage students’ accounts and today, it has reached to this level where students can have their own debit cards issued via MasterCard and they are able to use it anywhere in the world at any time tension free with their own information. PayPal has made these students way more self-dependent and has made money transactions easier for them.

5. Late Payments

Want to buy something but don’t have enough money? No need to worry because PayPal’s “Bill me later” service allows you to purchase anything whenever you want and you can pay for it later when you have enough finance. This feature also helps out both buyers and sellers. Buyers can easily get their material even if they don’t have sufficient funds and sellers can increase their customer rate through this facility. This means that PayPal provides a win-win situation for both parties with this amazing feature of “Bill me later”.

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6. Facility of more than eight emails

Another amazing quality of PayPal is that it gives you an opportunity to use eight email IDs on one account which benefits you in a number of ways. On the very first level, it saves you from hackers who can harm you. Even if the Hacker gets access to one account you will have seven more accounts keeping you on the safe side. It also provides you with flexibility in your payments.

7. World Wide approach

PayPal is available Worlwide

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A great thing about PayPal is that it is used and recognized by 170 countries of the world and it accepts and follows the terms and conditions of all of these countries respectively. This widely spread network of PayPal can provide uncountable benefits to its users. If an e-commerce platform is looking for a developer who can integrate the online store with PayPal option, it can hire Magento developer for this as they have quite a lot experience of handling such requests.


So, these were some of the smartest and amazing features of PayPal. It caters to all your major concerns and never disappoints you, therefore, is highly recommended. The good news is that the Magento developing company and other e-commerce platforms are looking forward to integrating PayPal segments in-depth to make their services even better. We wish you a very best of luck for your experience with PayPal.

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