If you’ve traveled with kids then you’ve possibly faced this:

Your kids running through the aisle of a plane, with the host/hostess at their backs trying to make them stay put.

Or this:

The dissatisfaction which comes with whining and tantrums can make or break your journey.  And much more problems we can’t begin to count!

Traveling with kids is skill which demands tenacity to keep them calm, relaxed and entertained throughout the trip.

I know some parents would say this is practically impossible.

However, Technology has its way with children. Nowadays, all you need is a phone/tablet loaded with apps to do the trick.  Yes, keep them in check and you don’t have to  go through the stress of reprimands to do so.
Here are some apps from IOS & Android which can compel your children, while you get the freedom to relax as you have planned.



Subway surfers – Android & IOS

Whether you are an Android or IOS fan, you’d have come across subway surfers.  With an unending chase of a police officer to catch a kid, who has obviously broke the rules by spraying paint on the walls of a subway.

Your kids will be immersed in a world trapped in your phone, where a kid tries to outrun a police man, while earning coins and evading traps and incoming trains.

My small cousin of 5 years loves this game, nothing keeps her so committed as this game. Install this app and never have to worry about your kids complaining anymore.

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Toca Blocks – Android & IOS

It’s just like the old fashioned tetris game, however, Toca blocks, takes building to a whole new level. The game is fun as it allows you to build worlds from variety of colorful blocks.  Toca blocks will take your kids love for building to a digital stage. With that said, it’s also great for developing kids creativity.

Hay Day – IOS

If you are a Nigerian and believe in Buhari’s rehabilitation of the Agricultural sector, you should train your kids at a young stage to key on the idea.  The game is an actively developing farm where you can grow plants, nurture tress, animal and even extract valuable minerals from the mine.

Although the game might be a little intricate, kids can easily learn the basics when starting out from the beginning. Who knows, they might fall in love with Agriculture on screen and transfer the enthusiasm in real life.  That’s what the Nation wants!

Piano tiles – Android & IOS

Piano tiles as the name states is a game where the players objective is to tap on the black tiles as they emerge from the top of the screen.  Successively, tapping on the tiles will produce a piano sound.  Avoiding the blank spaces means you can listen to a full sound composition.
If you kids love listening to melodious sounds, then Piano tiles is a must have game.

Motion Math: Cupcake – Android & IOS

Rather than see your children while away time on the internet, why not put it into good use. The motion math cupcake is a business simulation app, it lets your kids learn the ropes of running a successful cupcake store.

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The player will decide the best ingredients and recipes of each cake, while they encounter mental math, word problems and mapping coordinates to grow a successful business. This game is not only for entertainment but for intellectual growth too.

Temple Run – Android & IOS

Yes, temple run is similar to subway surfers. The only difference is the setting and characters. Your kids will also love the taste of adventure, exploring a world that is trapped with lurking dangers and rewards for staying alive against the odds. Without a doubt, this is a must download app for kids when travelling.

Word Magic

Word magic is an app which offers multiple ways to improve the users English vocabulary. First the users are given comprehensive descriptions after finding a new word.

There’s no specific pattern to how the puzzles are picked, so it means you’d hardly find a word twice. If you are parent, this is must download app which will help sharpen your kids command of English.  Magically help your children use the right words impressively as they should.

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