5 Types of Content to Drive Social Media Engagement

Social media is a place where many businesses thrive to communicate and sell to their customers. In its early days, it used to be considered a genie. But, as tons of business join every day, getting social media services has become more crucial in its success.

Simply having a social media page is not enough anymore. This especially holds true after the algorithm changes that have been implemented on users’ timelines. When your content is not engaging or relevant enough, chances are, you aren’t going to reach the amount of engagements you would want to. So what kind of content should you be posting? You can try any or all of these:

Relatable content

A good way to catch a viewer’s attention? Make everything about them. People love it when they feel that a post is directed at them or speaks to them on a certain level. They want to show a part of themselves or project a personality to their audience. And if your content meets with them on the same wavelength, then you can easily earn engagements.

With this in mind, you have to be knowledgeable about your target audience’s personality. What type of content would be relatable for them? You don’t want to be targeting the wrong people.

Entertaining content

People are on social media to unwind and be entertained. They wouldn’t go on Facebook or Twitter to read walls of text about rocket science. Otherwise, they would have opened a text book. Appeal to them in this way. Post images and/or images of your products and services. You can also give memes and quote cards a try.

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Informational content

Since it’s a place where you can communicate with a vast number of users all over the world, it can be an effective platform to spread information. If you’re a startup or small business and want to spread brand awareness, getting affordable social media services to start your campaign is the best way to start.

Your dedicated content team can make sure that you’re posting informational content without compromising creativity. Infographics and tutorial videos are great examples of these.

Emotional Content

Emotional is a powerful force. You can even convince your audience that they want your product or service. As in, they have to have it right now, at this moment. They didn’t know they needed it before you told them to.

Tying emotion with a certain product can do wonders as a marketing strategy. Like being happy after eating their favorite rice bowl, or getting a facial when they’re stressed. It’s important to always tell a story with your content so it doesn’t seem like they’re consuming passively, but they’d have to interact.

Seasonal Content

Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day, you name it. Is there any particular special event today? As a social media marketer, you have to be aware and be quick on creating content related to them. Content like these easily gain engagement since they are time-bound, and may only occur once in a long time.

Look at the event or issue in a new or different angle to gather customer insights. You can even ask explicit questions or polls such as what’s their Christmas wish list or their favorite dish in your restaurant, for instance.

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Finally, the secret to knowing what kind of content would appeal best to your target audience lies in your analytics. So don’t be afraid to invest in social media marketing to get the best out of your campaigns. Just keep in mind that even though all these kind of content can guarantee you customer engagement, you still have to provide them the opportunity to do so. Don’t post something just for the sake of it, you must have a specific goal. Do you want to get shares, comments, likes, or clicks?

Author Bio: Jessica Madrazo is the Operations Director of Coffeebot, a digital marketing agency that offers SEO services, affordable social media optimization, lead generation, web design and other general virtual assistant services. She has been in the outsourcing industry for years, and has helped small businesses from different parts of the globe reach their goals

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