5 Things you should know before Buying a Mixer Grinder

A mixer grinder will do a lot of things like grinding masala, juicing, and a lot more things.

There are different types of mixer available on the market. You have to choose the best depending on your needs. You can get the list of best mixer grinder India here. In this post, I will talk about 5 points you should consider before you buy a mixer grinder. This tips will be helpful for you if don’t know anything about a mixer grinder.

1. Motor:

Whenever you are going to buy a mixer grinder, the first spec you need to look at is the motor. If your grinder has a powerful motor, then it will do your work in less time. Generally, you would get between 500 watt and 750-watt motor. A mixer grinder with a 750-watt motor will be fine for a large family. Don’t buy grinder which has less than the 500-watt motor.

2. Blade:

The next things that you need to have a look at the blades. Generally, two or three blade grinder will be fine, and it’s will do great. The blade should be made with stainless steel.

3. RPM:

RPM is stands for Revolutions per minute of your mixer grinder blade. More RPM you can grind more masala in less time. So, this is an important factor if you need a powerful mixer grinder.

But, there are also some cons of having more RPM motor. Your grinder will generate more heat and noise.

4. Overload Protection Function:

This is another vital function that a mixer grinder should have. So, check this features before buying a mixer grinder. For example, if you overload the jar with spices or vegetables, the motor may get burn out or stop working. So, if you have this overload protection features, it will help you to prevent this types of problem. So, your motor will be safe.

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5. Number of Jars:

Check how many jars you are getting. Most of the mixer grinder has 3 or 4jars. But, sometimes maybe you will get two jars. So, you should buy as per your requirements. In my opinion, 3jars mixer grinder will be good.


So, these are the few things that you should keep in mind while you are buying a new mixer grinder. Hope you found it useful. Did we miss anything? Share your thoughts with us as a comment.

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