4 Steps to Protect Children’s Safety Online

Parents know how hard it can be to keep their children safe from online dangers. As time goes by, these dangers multiply and take different forms which are more and more complicated to keep an eye on. Complicated, yes, but it’s not an insurmountable task. Every manufacturer of security suites on the market is hard at work to keep your kids safe from malicious people and their ways to steal sensitive information. Avast is only one of them and they’re mighty good at what they do.

Children have always been one of the favorite targets of hackers everywhere. As they continue to be so, parents have a very important duty: to protect them through a series of computing habits applied to everyday life. Especially if you let your kids use various mobile devices. Who can forget the data breach which happened at VTech two years ago? Back then, a lot of parents were horrified to find that their kids’ personal info was made public for everyone to see and for hackers to take advantage of.

Now more than ever, parents around the world must tell their children how to stay protected against all kinds of online threats. The devices they use are the first places to start with, and we have just the tools you as a parent need!

Find a Strong Security Product with Parental Blocks

There are so many different manufacturers of security software, that it can be really hard to pick the one that’s ideal your family’s needs. Which is why the latest version of Avast’s antivirus is one of the best candidates you could wish for. It’s very easy to install, it won’t eat up too much space on your device, nor will it slow down. With this product installed on your favorite laptop or tablet, your child will be kept as far away as possible from any potential cyber attack.

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Get a VPN

What is a VPN? This word stands for virtual private network. It’s a great method to keep your location from being tracked by hackers and to protect your loved ones when they’re using a network. How does a VPN work? Easy: it connects a gadget to a secure server that’s offsite and protects sensitive data via a fully encrypted connection.

In other words: your IP address is masked. If your kid uses a mobile device at any point, no one will be able to find their online location. The same happens should your child use a public network instead. Take a look online and find the best VPN for your kid.

Teach your Child what being Online means

Before you allow your kid to use a mobile device connected to the Internet, you as a parent must teach them some crucial things. One of the most important ones is this: never ever share personal info with someone online, especially if it’s a stranger. Tell them what a security solution is, what it does and how it can offer them safety. Explain to your children all about electrical safety and how they should react if their device stops working.

Most important of all, your kids need to know you’re there for them no matter what. Particularly when someone tries to do something bad to them. Open communication, especially when it comes to online safety, is key.

Use Strong Passwords and keep your Device updated

If your kids use social platforms daily, tell them to create a password for each of them. The password must be strong, made of 8-13 characters including symbols, letters and numbers. If having a million different passwords sounds confusing, we recommend using a password manager instead.

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Second thing you must do: allow your child’s device to install all the necessary updates it prompts them to install. Each of these updates makes a gadget safer, particularly if we’re talking about a child using it.


Staying safe if you’re a kid in today’s digital world is a very important task for every parent around the globe. Fortunately, there are many ways to make sure no online threats affects your children. In today’s post we talked about four steps to protect children’s safety online. Take your pick or use all of them and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

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