28 Things you didn’t know your iPhone could do

In the present age, the iPhone is a popular cell phone thanks to the great functionality and so many features it has to offer. As an iPhone user, you would definitely know what and how you can do with your beloved iPhone device. Hence, I bet you, there are still a number of features that you did not know.

This article aims to tell you some hidden features of the iPhone. So, continue reading it and know what your iPhone can do for you!

  1. Turn on airplane mode while charging the iPhone, it will charge it much faster.
  2. If you make a mistake while texting, writing an email, or editing a photo, you can simply shake your iPhone and it will allow you to undo to rectify your mistake.
  3. If you need to begin a new sentence, you can just double-tap the space bar and it will add a period and a space for you.
  4. Did you know you can take a screenshot by just holding home button and Power on/off button at the same time? Yes, this trick works.
  5. You can make your iPhone’s speakers louder by doing this; open Settings App > Music > EQ > choose the Late Night.
  6. If you love white and black themes and want to change the colour of the home screen of your iPhone, simply do this. Head over to Settings App > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Colour Filters. There are various options to choose from.
  7. Tired of checking all the photos to find a specific one? The iPhotos app has an option that lets you search your photos based on the objects that are in the photos.
  8. Use the Maps App on your iPhone and find out where you parked your car. This app lets you pair your device with your car via Bluetooth and show you the location where your car is parked.
  9. Did you know you could delete one digit at a time in the Calculator App? Yes, there is no need to clear all digits when typing something wrong in the app. Now, you can delete the one digit by swiping to the side.
  10. You can unlock your iPhone without pressing the home button. But how? Just launch Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button and turn on the option “Rest Finger to Unlock.” It will enable you to unlock phone when you rest your finger on the button.
  11. Want to know what airplanes are flying above you? Simply say “what flights are overhead.” You will find them!
  12. Did you know the latest update to iOS allow you to choose an emoji as you type something? Just Open Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement.
  13. If you love to listen to music before you go to sleep, you can also set a timer to stop your music playing after a certain period of time. Go to Clock App, tap on the “Timer” and then choose the time you want. Tap on the “When Timer Ends” menu, choose “Stop Playing”, tap on the “Set” and then choose “start”.
  14. If you are using a refurbished Plus iPhone model, you will agree that it is annoying to reach the top of the screen with your thumb. There’s a solution; Double tap the home button and shift all your apps down. It will allow you to reach the apps at the top.
  15. Want to a book an Uber or Lyft home? Simply use Siri and say “Get me an Uber or Lyft home.” Siri will book you a car.
  16. Love to capture each moment instantly to make a memory? Use the Volume up or down buttons to capture a photo, as long as the camera app is open.
  17. Want to take rapid photo shots? Just hold down the capture button in the camera app. This action will automatically activate the burst mode and take a series of shots.
  18. Simply swipe left in the Compass app to use your iPhone as a level.
  19. No mood for reading e-books? Listen to them now! Yes, the “Speak Selection” option reads texts out loud. To activate this feature, go to Settings App > General > Accessibility > tap on Speak Selection. This option will offer you a range of voices such as British, Australian, and Spanish accents. You can choose the one according to your preference and enjoy listening to your favourite e-book.
  20. Don’t like a numeric password? Change it now and set a passcode with letters. Open Settings App > General > Passcode Lock > turn off “Simple Passcode.” It will appear a full keyboard instead of the number pad so that you can change your passcode easily.
  21. Want to know the timing of a text message, either you receive or send it? Just slide the texts over to check the timestamps of texts.
  22. Did you know you can also customise your vibrations for notifications? Yes, you can do. Open Settings App > Sounds > Ringtone > Vibration > Create New Vibration.
  23. No need to unlock your iPhone to respond to texts. You can reply to text directly from your lock screen. Just pull down on the notification tray and swipe over to the left on the text notification. A “Reply” Option will be there and tapping it will enable you to type a reply without unlocking your phone.
  24. Want to know why your iPhone battery is draining too fast? Open Settings App > Battery. This will let you know which apps are consuming the most battery power.
  25. Want to tell your friend where you are? You can send your location to him/her via text message. Simply tap the “details” at the upper right corner of your message window and then choose “Send my location”.
  26. You get frustrated when you get so many text message notifications for contacts. The simple solution is here; you can mute text messages. Just go to your messaging thread and turn on “Do Not Disturb” option.
  27. Want to know who is calling you even if the phone number is not saved in your contacts list? See who’s calling you even if a phone number isn’t in your contacts. The new feature of iOS 9 can display the possible name of the unknown If you receive a phone call from someone you have emailed and the email address is connected to his/her phone number, it will tell you who is calling you.
  28. 3D-touch the keyboard can move the cursor around in Messages while you typing the text.

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